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The Best Ever TV Theme Songs

17 May

Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams and James Van Der Beek

A TV show’s theme song is a make or break thing. With the right song choice, it becomes iconic, is unable to be separated from the series itself, and brings warm fuzzy memories of our favorite characters rushing back to us with just the opening notes. With the wrong song choice we’re stuck with three long seasons of Hilary Duff (I’m talking to you, Laguna Beach).

Unfortunately the trend seems to be moving away from choosing big, bold songs to open a show in favor of a couple of musical notes, or no theme song at all (gasp!). This is a shame, because what would Friends be without The Rembrandts? Would I even recognize Cheers minus Gary Portnoy?

Before I give away any more of my choices, here is my very biased list of the best TV theme songs of all time…

Read the rest of my article for Portable here.

Note: These are theme songs containing lyrics because, I mean, I had to narrow it down somehow.

If You’re Having A Bad Day

25 Feb

Sometimes at the end of a bad day you just need some Pacey Witter.

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There’s No Place Like Home

22 Feb


Gretchen: You know Dawson, it might interest you to know that I did take one film class in college.
Dawson: Was it a monumental waste of time?
Gretchen: No, it was great actually. But you know what my teacher said was the most bogus line in Hollywood cinema?
Dawson: What?
Gretchen: “There’s no place like home.”
Dawson: Wizard of Oz.
Gretchen: Exactly. It’s what everybody remembers about the movie, but it doesn’t resonate with the rest of the story. Think about it. You know home is this desolate, gray, dust bowl of a place where some nasty old lady is trying to kill your dog. And Oz is …
Dawson: Technicolor.
Gretchen: And sure it has it’s problems. You know, poppy fields, flying monkeys, …
Dawson: Talking trees.
Gretchen: But along the way you make friends. Good friends. With people that you never even knew existed when you were growing up. Straw people, tin people, …
Dawson: And lions.
Gretchen: Exactly. And you help each other realize that all the things that you want to be, you already are.  And it’s fun.

–Dawson’s Creek, Season 4

I’m home!

Happy Anniversary!

20 Jan



Warning: Particularly over-the-top post.

Today is the 15th anniversary of the Dawson’s Creek premiere aka “The Day My Life Gained Meaning.”

In honor of this momentous occasion I suggest you:

1. Only listen to Paula Cole all day. Perhaps write a personal essay on what her lyrics REALLY mean to you.

2. Play the pilot episode on an unending loop.

3. Read this Where Are They Now article and update yourself on the Fab Four.

4. Make a list of your favorite things about Pacey Witter.

5. Bask in the knowledge that once Breanne and I went to Wilmington and took this picture:

The Next JK Rowling

13 Jan


My mother is unfailingly supportive.

I mean dye-your-hair-in-an-ill-fated-attempt-to-look-like-Addison-Shepherd-and-still-tell-declare-you-gorgeous supportive.

She also believes in her children 100%. Which is why she tells me I’m the next JK Rowling.This is nice to hear sometimes. Okay, all the time. It’s always nice to know that someone believes in your crazy dreams, even if that someone gave birth to you and basically has to.

My mom isn’t just like this with me. My brother Joel is a computer science major. (He is also the reason this blog even exists. I’m of the HTM-what?? school of computer programming.) My mother tells Joel he is the next Bill Gates. I hope this for my sake because have you seen Bill Gates house? It has its own Wikipedia page.

There have to be perks of having your brother live in that house.

Anyway, we were discussing my mother’s unflagging belief in her children in the car the other day, and my older brother Jeff asked, “So who am I going to be?” Jeff is getting his PhD in economics–a subject I know HTM-what about.

My mother paused for a moment. “Keynes of Keynesian economics…?” she began, hesitantly.

I jumped in with a fail. “Reaganomics?”

Let’s be real here, there aren’t many economists that are household names. Plus I was a social work major and I now study teen soaps full time.  If you want to discuss personality disorders or Dawson Leery or what personality disorders Dawson Leery has, I’m your girl.  Collusion? Not so much.

At the end of the conversation it was decided that Jeff will be the next famous economist following in the footsteps of…the other famous economists. Joel will be the next Bill Gates and then build a home that has its own Wikipedia page. (Okay, I decided that.)

And as for me? Well, I’ll be the next JK Rowling.