Some of my favorites:

On love and heartbreak

First Love

Give yourself time

Reading and dating

On growing up

Me at 20

I wore a bikini for a month and lived to tell the tale

Growing up isn’t what I thought it was

Falling in love with a place

107 roommates you’ll have in your 20s

On home

OK, Mom

Home Is

On living in LA

My LA commute: A survivor’s story

On pop culture

Stevie Nicks

How to listen to Taylor Swift’s 1989

Cressida v. Chelsy: The Smackdown

On mental health

Instead: A post about depression

Letters from grace

32 ways to change your mood in 10 minutes

On religion

I’m Mormon. Hi! Did you know?

A day at church

A tradition

Every year I assign a word for the year

Here are my words for 2018, 2017201620152014, 2013 and 2012

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