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Celebrity Couples That Fate Wants To Get Back Together

4 Mar



There are certain celebrity couples that are simply fated to be together. It doesn’t matter if they broke up 40 years ago or if they’ve moved on to other long-term loves, every second they’re apart these people are thwarting destiny.

Here are 11 such couples. It’s time for them all to stop pretending and get back together already.

Read the rest of my article for Portable here.  Know that I include Stevie and Lindsey as well as Joey and Pacey.  I am nothing if not consistent in my obsessiveness.

Also! From the SheKnows corner of the internet– 20 Reasons You Need A Garden Gnome.

(Many people in my life have abnormally strong feelings about garden gnomes so it only seemed fitting for me to put this together.)

Oh hey, Happy Mardi Gras!  Let the good times roll or something.

Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak’s Social Media Love Affair, Or Why They Should Be Together

28 Feb



Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak are the stuff of fan fiction. Once a real life couple (and real life TV couple), the two of them are now very public besties who like to tease their fans with the depth of their soulmate-ship all while claiming they’re just friends.

It’s the type of plotline Mindy would write into her show. And she did. (Remember BJ playing the guy who was really in love with his best friend on The Mindy Project?)

Obviously Mindy and BJ know what they’re doing. They’re smart. They’re sexy. They realize the whole world is rooting for their rom-com and they let it play out via social media so we can all shriek, “STOP DENYING FATE ALREADY!”

BJ once even told Entertainment Weekly, “The main reason I’m reluctant to get married to Mindy is that every single person in our lives and Twitter feeds would say, ‘I knew it.’ I just couldn’t f–ing deal with that. But we know. We know what’s there.”

Ugh, BJ. Not a good enough reason, man. Not a good enough reason.

Let’s take a look at some of Mindy and BJ’s flirtiest social media interactions. Prepare your shrieking.

Read the rest of my article for Portable here.  Spoiler: I say things like, “Mindy’s first Instagram of all time, a subtle hint to her strongest attachment of all time” and I mean it.

Also, in researching this article I discovered a Tweet where Mindy confirmed what we’ve known all along–Danny Castellano is very, very similar to BJ aka she’s writing their love story.

Super sigh.  Get together already.


Prep your bar for Mardi Gras

(I have a Mardi Gras picture I’ve been planning for several months now.  This is important to tell you because this is my blog.  I don’t know.)

I don’t know, people, but I do know it’s Friday and my Spring Break is ending.

(We need a punctuation mark that’s the opposition of an exclamation mark.)

Where The Stars Of The Hills Are Now Based On Their Instagram Selfies

20 Jan




Four years ago, The Hills ended and the world of reality TV has never fully recovered. Sure, other, increasingly more alarming shows have risen to take its place and yes, reality TV is still around and thriving, but never again have we had a reality TV starlet with hair quite as perfect as LC’s, never again has the world seen a couple so ruthless in their quest for fame as Speidi (thank heavens), and never again has Justin Bobby been heard of.

So what have the stars of The Hills been up to since MTV bid adieu? Are they still in LA? Are they still as beautiful/crazy/catty/overalled as ever?

Well wonder no more, as we did some incredibly in-depth research of their Instagram selfies to find out.

Read the rest of my article/important life information for Portable here.

PS: SheKnows

Slides, swings and other things we wish were in our homes


9 Hollywood Men With The Ultimate Sexy Voices

10 Oct



I’m a voice girl. If a guy has an outstanding voice I will often overlook his other not-so-outstanding characteristics and decide we can probably make this thing work as long as there’s a lot of talking involved. Now, repeat what you just said!

This love of voices has naturally bled into my obsession with television and movies. When a leading man’s raspy growl or smooth baritone hits me in the heart, I’m forever devoted.

Here are nine Hollywood men whose voices make me (at least a little) weak at the knees.

AND…now it’s your turn.

Who are your Hollywood voice obsessions?


The Cast Of Good Will Hunting Re-imagined As Characters In Batman

30 Aug


When Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman, the world started to beg for Matt Damon as the new Robin. I say, why stop there? Why not use the entire cast of Good Will Hunting in the new Batman, accents and all? Why not make Gotham city Boston, batting cages and bars the principle sets, and Elliott Smith the official muse of the Batman soundtrack?

Why not write a far-fetched list of how this would work?

Here’s the cast of Good Will Hunting re-imagined as characters on Batman, because, you guessed it, why not?

Read the rest of my article for Portable here.

Is there a point where a Good Will Hunting obsession becomes unhealthy?

Never mind, don’t answer that.

11 Characters Who Left A Show Too Soon

22 Aug


Last week, rumors swirled that Laura Prepon is leaving Orange is the New Black.  I immediately contacted everyone I know for emotional support.

Sure OITNB is an ensemble cast and, sure, one person may not make or break the show. But Alex?? She’s kind of make or break. She’s kind of one-third of a very interesting love triangle. She’s kind of a big deal.

While the future of Alex Vause remains unclear, the tale of a character leaving a show before their time is all too common. Actors go for a variety of reasons — to make it on the big screen, to address “personal issues,” to hurt me. It’s never pleasant. It never feels natural. I’m never okay with it.

Here are 11 other actors who left a show too soon aka 11 other departures I’m still not over.

ALSO, my latest from SheKnows:

Make your own elephant stilts or “The last time I will ever craft.”

10 Ways To Celebrate The 10-Year Anniversary Of The O.C.

5 Aug



Today marks 10 years since The O.C. first exploded on our television screens and Seth Cohen first exploded in our hearts. Last week, Josh Schwartz asked his Twitter followers what they would be doing to celebrate this momentous occasion in pop culture history.

Josh — genius, visionary, light of my life — this one’s for you. Here are 10 ways to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of The O.C.

When I pitched this article to my editor I said, “THIS IS MY OLYMPICS.”  I still have abnormally strong feelings about Newport Beach and Captain Oats and I am not ashamed.

(Now might be the time to admit Adam Brody always makes my Top 10 Men list. Always, always, always.)

And then there was SheKnows!

Inspired by my besties: Things you can do to make your BFF’s day

My first foray into SheKnows Canada: Celebrate your BFF on International Friendship Day

Happy O.C. day, everyone!

Let’s make this a yearly thing, shall we?

Why Amy Poehler Deserves An Emmy

26 Jul

Parks and Recreation


Last week the 2013 Emmy nominees were announced, and, yet again, Amy Poehler was nominated for her role as Leslie Knope.

In an ideal world, Amy would be lounging at home staring at her wall of Emmys and wondering if she should pull an Oprah and withdraw herself from the race this year to give one of the other uber-talented nominees a chance.

Unfortunately, we are not in the ideal world, but in some sick alternate reality where Amy’s brilliant turn as Leslie Knope has gone unrewarded by the Emmys. This is a travesty. A coverup. A great conspiracy of the 21st century that should be analyzed again and again by outraged websites, books, and fringe radio shows.

Here are five reasons Amy Poehler deserves an Emmy for her portrayal of Leslie Knope.

In other writing news:

5 Things You should be buying at Target right now: Bags.  My favorite Target article yet, mainly for purse numero tres and my ability to put a David Beckham reference in anything.

Survey says you spend 2,000 hours a year stressed out.  Some seriously stressful statistics and alarmingly absurd alliteration.

With that, it’s back to Cape Cod and the life I was always meant to lead.

Details to come.

The Royal Baby, Writing, And David Beckham For Good Measure

23 Jul



Strap on your tiara, pour yourself a cup of tea, and blast “God Save the Queen”—the royal baby is here and I got to write an article about the whole thing for SheKnows!

This article was actually my first assignment at SheKnows and a confirmation that I had finally found my place in the universe.  I also wrote about it on their UK website.

Oh, UK websites and London and the royal family, one day I’ll be back and tackle you the way you were meant to be tackled.  And I’ll live in Notting Hill and become bosom friends with the Beckhams, to boot.

While we are on the topic of writing…

Portable’s Guide to Orange is the New Black

Attention Star Trek fans: Captain Catherine Janeway is a major role in OITNB, but you might not recognize her because she has morphed into Sharon Osbourne.  I kid you not.

I also do not kid when I say I watched Star Trek in the late 90s.  Another story for another time.

That’s all folks. I am heading to Cape Cod tonight and couldn’t be more thrilled. Lifelong dreams and small towns and carousels and whatnot.

What are the odds I see a Kennedy?

The Definitive Guide to Amy Adams

14 Jun



This weekend Man of Steel opens and the world will line up to see if this Clark Kent adaptation will be more compelling than 2006’s forgettable Superman Returns. My best guess is yes, based on one fact and one fact only — Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

Amy Adams is one of those actresses I have on my mental, “Just Biding Her Time Until She Actually Wins An Oscar” list along with Michelle Williams, Jessica Chastain, and Jennifer Aniston in a world where she is given the roles she deserves. Amy is a woman who can pull of a real-life Disney Princess as convincingly as she pulls off a feisty, punching bartender. She has flawless hair, is ever humble, and attacks every role she plays with complete sincerity and focus and now I’m gushing now so I’ll stop.

For more on Amy Adams’s life before Man of Steel, read the rest of my article for Portable here.

SPOILER: I talk about Justin Timberlake’s hypothermic body.

Also, my editor at Portable wrote this article on supporting women in film this weekend and I think it’s just wonderful.