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All I Want To Listen To Ever Again

30 May

Every time “How Will I Know” comes up on my ipod I involuntarily morph into Penny Hartz.

You’re welcome, people of Arizona.

The Best Ever TV Theme Songs

17 May

Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams and James Van Der Beek

A TV show’s theme song is a make or break thing. With the right song choice, it becomes iconic, is unable to be separated from the series itself, and brings warm fuzzy memories of our favorite characters rushing back to us with just the opening notes. With the wrong song choice we’re stuck with three long seasons of Hilary Duff (I’m talking to you, Laguna Beach).

Unfortunately the trend seems to be moving away from choosing big, bold songs to open a show in favor of a couple of musical notes, or no theme song at all (gasp!). This is a shame, because what would Friends be without The Rembrandts? Would I even recognize Cheers minus Gary Portnoy?

Before I give away any more of my choices, here is my very biased list of the best TV theme songs of all time…

Read the rest of my article for Portable here.

Note: These are theme songs containing lyrics because, I mean, I had to narrow it down somehow.

Cowboy Take Me Away

21 Apr

I was never much of a country music person. Girl bands? Absolutely.  Anything British? Done. Angry girl music of the indie variety? Yes times three million.

But country music?  I didn’t understand it.  Like why would I want a man who wore cowboy boots when I could be interested in a man, who, say, didn’t?

Enter Caitlin.

Caitlin is all about country music.  And men who wear cowboy boots.  We’re talking, she listens to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” into country music. And being the wily creature she is, over the past year Caitlin has slowly converted me to the church of country music.

She did it subtly, “You should listen to this country song. Just this one.  It reminds me of you.”

She knows I can’t resist anything that relates to me. ME ME ME.

Then she played the best-of-the-best country music while she was getting ready so I would ask her, “Hey, what song was that?”

She’s smart, that one.

The thing that draws me to country music, above all else, is the intensity of emotion.  There’s no shying away from it, no downplaying it.  In fact, the formula for country music seems to be:

Feel emotion.

Amplify said emotion to the nth degree.

Let emotion destroy you.

Sing about emotion destroying you.

Since this is basically the formula for my life, country music turns out to be a great fit for me.

Here are five country songs that have been on repeat during the last year.

1. Better Dig Two: The Band Perry


2. Travelin’ Soldier: The Dixie Chicks

Chuck Klosterman argues the Dixie Chicks are the new Van Halen and, honestly,  I’ve been mulling this idea over for a few years now and am still not ready to state my opinion.  Stay tuned.  Until then, listen to this on repeat.

3. Mama’s Broken Heart: Miranda Lambert

Dare I call it the “You Oughta Know” of the country music variety?

4. Merry Go Round: Kacey Musgraves

“If you ain’t got two kids by 21 you’re probably going to die alone.  At least that’s what tradition told you…”

5. Rascal Flatts: These Days

I could waste years of my life listening to Rascal Flatts and languishing in self pity.

What’s your favorite country song?

Your Life Song

10 Apr

Years ago my friends and I discovered This Day In Music. This amazing site tells you the #1 song the day you were born.

Being the drama queens/absolutely delightful people we are, my friends and I took this information to the next level. We decided that our #1 songs had deeper meaning, that the lyrics deserved hours of self-analysis, and further, that a direct line could be made from our songs to the people we have become as adults.

The #1 song on the day I was born is Bad by Michael Jackson.

Imply what you will.

PS: The site says the #1 song on your 18th birthday is your “life’s theme song.” What do we think Gold Digger by Kanye West means?? Complete mystery.

PPS: What’s your song?

Malibu Hair

3 Apr


Malibu hair in all its glory.

A few years ago I was at the farmers market in Salt Lake when a bohemian-uber-organic type came up to me and said, “I love your hair.  Does it naturally dreadlock?”

Why yes, yes it does.

My hair is especially fun in Malibu.

PS: This song has been on repeat since the concert I went to last week.  I die.

The Rest Is Still Unwritten

26 Mar

If you live in LA, you’re going to spend a lot of time in your car.  When you spend a lot of time in your car, you’re going to listen to a lot of music.  When you listen to a lot of music, you’ll probably start to create increasingly absurd music-listening games.

It’s basic If You Give A Mouse A Cookie psychology.

A few days ago Caitlin and I were doing the “free association” music-listening game.  In this game you play a song, and then without thinking, you yell out the first song you associate with what is playing.  That song is played next.

For example, we were listening to “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. This free associated to “Come Clean” by Hilary Duff. This led to “California” by Phantom Planet.  You follow?

Anyway, as “Unwritten” played I boomed, “LAUREN!” “AUDRINA!” “WHITNEY!” at the appropriate times and Caitlin did the corresponding LC dance/Audrina hair toss/Whitney surprised face.  She then laughed so hard she cried. I have an extremely incriminating photo of her laugh/cry that I am not sharing, but you should know is there.

Quick, don’t think, what song do you free associate with “Unwritten”?

Angry Girl Music Of The Indie Rock Persuasion

13 Mar

I’m a die-hard Fiona Apple fan.  You know how some people feel about Yankees baseball? Like it’s sacred?  Like it’s personal?  Like I-Would-Get-Into-A-Fight-With-You-About-It-Because-It’s-Everything?

That’s how I feel about Fiona Apple.

For Caitlin’s birthday this year I got us tickets to the Fiona Apple concert at The Greek Theatre.  It was an epic night full of tears, “I am woman,” and Fiona Apple dancing.

(For those of you unfamiliar with Fiona Apple dancing just picture throwing your body and hair around in an interpretative, distressed way.  It’s something I practice often.)

It’s hard to say favorite when it comes to Fiona, because, as Caitlin so eloquently stated, “My life is a Fiona Apple song,”  but I attempted anyway because I’m brave like that.

My Top 5 Fiona Apple Songs Of All Time:

1. Criminal

This is the quintessential Fiona song.  Her magnum opus, if you will.  I was shocked and saddened when she didn’t perform it at her concert and have since added its absence to my list of Things I Will Never Recover From.

2. Werewolf

For this song alone you should buy Fiona’s new album– The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do.

Can we all take a moment to reflect on her album titles?  Wow, Fiona.  Wow.

3. Shadowboxer

Angry Fiona, which is best Fiona.

4. Get Gone

“How many times can it escalate til it elevates to a place I can’t breathe?”

5. Paper Bag

My personal, all-time, number one, best-of-the-best, favorite Fiona Apple song.  I’ll never get enough.

Honorable mentions: Sleep to Dream, Please Please Please, Extraordinary Machine, Tymps.

What is your favorite Fiona Apple song?

Best Movie Ending Ever?

1 Mar


What is your favorite movie ending?

DJ Kitty Cat: February

11 Feb



My roommate Caitlin aka DJ Kitty Cat is ridiculously knowledgable and amazing when it comes to music and playlists and angst.  I asked her to be my music correspondent on this oh-so-popular blog and she agreed.  You’re in for a treat.  DJ Kitty Cat is something else.  She’s also a psych major, as you will see.  Follow Caitlin on Twitter here.

As Single Awareness Day looms around the corner, I have prepared an arsenal of poignant tunes to get you through these perilous times. These songs are a few of my favorites, just a sample of my extensive library of dead heart tunes, aptly named “Sob fest 2013.”

Listen to the entirety at your own risk; if you are unsure of your emotional stability then you can contact me for a free SAD PERSONS evaluation, assessing your ability to recover from extended exposure to the accumulated Major Depressive Disorder of these artists.

1. Hurt- Johnny Cash [NIN cover]
Favorite Lyrics- You are someone else. I am still right here. //You can have it all, my empire of dirt. I will let you down. I will make you hurt

2. Both Sides Now- Joni Mitchell
Favorite Lyrics- It’s love’s illusions I recall; I really don’t know love at all.

3. You Were A Kindness- The National
Favorite Lyrics- Why would you shatter somebody like me? It doesn’t work that way. Wanting not to want you wont make it so. Don’t leave me here alone.

4. She’s Always A Woman- Billy Joel
Favorite Lyrics- She can ask for the truth but she’ll never believe you. She’ll only reveal what she wants you to see. She steals like a thief but she’s always a woman to me.

5. I Know It’s Over- The Smiths
Favorite Lyrics- Love is natural and real, but not for such as you and I, my love.

6. Edge Of Desire- John Mayer
Favorite Lyrics- I want you so bad I’ll go back on the things I believe. There I just said it, I’m scared you’ll forget about me.

7. Jesus Christ- Brand New
Favorite Lyrics- My bright is too slight to hold back all my dark.

8. Graceland- The Tallest Man On Earth (Paul Simon cover)
Favorite Lyrics- She comes back to tell me she’s gone. As if I didn’t know that. And she said losing love is like a window in your heart: everybody sees you’re blown apart, everybody sees the wind blow.

9. Take It All- ADELE
Favorite Lyrics: You’ve given up so easily; I thought you loved me more than this.

10. Guess I’m Doing Fine- Beck
Favorite lyrics: It’s only lies that I’m living. It’s only tears that I’m crying. It’s only you that I’m losing. Guess I’m doing fine.

What are your favorite Single Awareness Day tracks?

You’re Mine And That’s It, Forever

2 Feb

There are some songs that change your world. Songs that make you think and rethink and then think again. Songs that make you declare boldly, “This is the best song! The worst song! The only song!”

One of those songs in my life is “The Ballad of Love and Hate” by The Avett Brothers.

My friend Breanne once said if she could understand this song she could understand life.

I agree.

And we are not at all dramatic.