Our First Apartment

14 Dec

Hello and welcome to our first apartment!

Is this angle different enough to justify another picture?

What about this one?

This one is different. And dark.


My complaints about this apartment are as follows:

  1. No natural light
  2. Terrible management
  3. Mold?
  4. No natural light
  5. Popcorn ceilings
  6. Weird off-white color for walls that ruins pictures especially because there is
  7. No natural light

But look at the basil we grew! Look at Cait’s birthday flowers to me!

My compliments about this apartment are as follows:

  1. Location
  2. You thought I was going to do location two more times, didn’t you? It’s the truth, but I’m not going to do it to you
  3. Ceiling fan? This is rough

I loved living here, I truly did. We had the most perfect location of all the locations. We were in SANTA MONICA. The most walkable, perfect spot of a walkable, perfect city.

But, goodness, if I can figure out a way to never live in a dark alley of an apartment with zero light even midday, well then, I will figure it out!

Kitchen. Edward Hopper calendar.

Dolly’s litter box and scratching post.

There’s not enough light to even make the disco ball go pitter patter and that’s the whole point of the disco ball at all.

But my grandpa’s paintings are home.

These bookshelves are probably the second greatest feat of our marriage to date.

The poorly lit hallway.

Oh dear. I didn’t even want to include these pictures.

I opened every blind in the home, I pleaded for natural light. And still. Here we are.

This hallway housed a few things.

My sunglasses collection, first and foremost.

Rob’s fat boy of JaMarcus Russell, the worst football player of all time.

The two of our personalities, combined in a tiny dark corridor.

I also kept my library books out there under my little Ikea plant table thing.

Let’s move on shall we?

Rob wrote this sign once when we had maintenance people come to our apartment. We kept it up on our bedroom door ever since, in memorium.

Say hi to Dolly!

My side of the bed. Peep

Mary Oliver

My bullet journal

My wireless headphones which changed my life forever and for good

Princess Diana

Himalayan salt lamp

Aura photograph


Actual clock so I can keep my phone out of my room


Vintage jewelry box

It’s like a game of I Spy but only I Care about it!

Rob’s side of the bed. Peep

Cape Cod map purchased at Cape Cod flea market

Framed picture of Rigby

Weird vintage book

Over here we see our California flag

(It is impossibly hard to get a good vintage one of these so we just settled for a cloth one.)

The blankets on the bed are:

  1. A comforter from a thrift shop in Mooreseville, Indiana. I had to shove it in my carry-on home.
  2. A blanket from a vintage shop in Seattle. Same thing with the carry-on.

The TV stand doubles as my craft supply station. Lots of stickers.

The air conditioning unit doubles as my sanity.

The bathroom.

I don’t have much to say about the bathroom, do you ever?

I did like the art we hung in here.

These two pieces I got in a gallery in Los Olivos, bought that one right off the wall.

And that little snail pot was from a thrift store in Carptineria.

Rob got this piece from work. His coworker added the drawings to it. One-of-a-kind right here.

Our Photo Booth strips that I really should preserve better.

Also my finger and phone. Hi! I was wearing a nightgown I didn’t want captured forever!

The top of the toilet candles featuring Mr. Darcy.

This feels like a good enough place to end this thing. Bye Darcy! Bye toilet!

Bye Santa Monica.

We will miss you the most.

PS: My studio apartment tour. I’m so grateful to past Jill did this work and even though it was the week before a move and I did not want to clean and document, I hope future Jill will be grateful for this work.

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  1. Laurie Denning December 14, 2019 at 8:19 am #

    Beautiful first apartment! You truly have a knack for making everything beautiful–your clothes, your house, your relationships, and, of course, your words.

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