Dr. Benjamin Ettenberg

29 Dec


This post contains spoilers for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2

Well, Mrs. Masiel really did Dr. Benjamin dirty, didn’t they?

I’m referring to the show, not the character, though, I suppose she did him dirty as well.

Dr. Benjamin Ettenberg, played by HELLO Zachary Levi, is perhaps the most appealing male character ever put on our television screens.

He is handsome. He is tall. He is a surgeon in a time where a surgeon meant excellent parking spaces and an entire brownstone in New York.

He likes art.

He hates gender roles.

He can keep up.

No one can keep up if you’re Midge Maisel.

Except for Dr. Benjamin.

I don’t know why the show did this to us.

Joel can go. Joel can go immediately, we never, ever cared about him, he steals jokes from other people and cheats on his wife and don’t get me started on his slicked hair and insecurity around a woman’s talent. JOEL COULD GO IN THE PILOT AND THE SHOW WOULD BE BETTER FOR IT.

But you’re going to go ahead and create a perfect male, a perfect male for Midge, one who supports her dreams, celebrates her weird, doesn’t want her to be a stereotype? You’re going to create this man, cast Zachary Levi and his broad, BROAD shoulders, and then blow it all up like that?



I feared this would happen.

We simply didn’t see enough of Dr. Benjamin for me to believe he was going to be the Luke Danes of the series.

He popped in and out. Maybe more of a Max Medina? A more appealing Max Medina?

And then when out of nowhere he was going to propose? I knew it was over.

You don’t propose that quickly  and work it out on TV. You just don’t. Ask Ross and Rachel.

If Dr. Benjamin was going to be the Dr. Benjamin we needed him to be, we needed more screen time. We needed her to tell him she was going on tour and for him to support it (AS HE WOULD I’M SCREAMING AT YOU AGAIN, JOEL). We needed a few seasons where she wondered if she could really have a relationship again. How a man would work into her schedule, not the other way around.

A few seasons where he proved himself again and again, with that voice, those shoulders! Those ideas about relationships!

Oh Dr. Benjamin.

You were that man.

You are that man.

In  my heart, I’ll hope for a fifth season where she’s more deserving of you. Where you get to be on our screens at least a half hour every episode.

In my heart I’ll hope for the ending you deserve.

Mrs. Maisel really did you dirty, Zachary Levi.

Oh Mrs. Maisel really did you dirty.


PS: Did you see the Mormon reference in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?

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3 Responses to “Dr. Benjamin Ettenberg”

  1. Crivenica January 29, 2019 at 11:07 am #

    I totally agree with you, girl. Word for word!

  2. Lee Jones January 31, 2019 at 1:09 pm #

    What are his personal flaws? Dr. Ettenberg is too good to be true. And I’m always leery of people like that. The problem with romance is that everyone is looking for someone who is ideal or near perfect. No such person exists. If Midge is eventually marry Benjamin, I want to see his flaws.

  3. hen whistling June 15, 2019 at 5:02 pm #

    Thank you for saying this! I’m so Team Ben, I can’t believe Joel would even bother to show up. Ben is Joel’s polar opposite, which effectively means he’s better then Joel in every way. Wow, I sound really extreme here, but I mean every word of it. Come on, Sherman-Palladinos, if you’re listening, don’t screw this up like you did Lane and Dave! Sometimes a choice is obvious because it’s right!

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