Oh, Isn’t Life Good?

15 Jan


Oh, life is good.

Life is good, not in the ways I expected to think life was good, back in the day, but life is good in the way that I’m wearing a lavender and honey face mask right now.

Take it from a girl who moved to London for Adventure and Romance and know

life doesn’t get much better than a lavender honey facemask.

Life is good because I walked 11,000 steps today holding hands with the person I love, the person I look at and wonder, how did I get so lucky to be loved like this? To love like this?

Life is good because we walked five miles in pursuit of specialty yogurt and ended up with fresh fish along the way. Fresh fish that the person I love grilled and then made a lemon sauce for.

Have you ever had lemon sauce on rice and broccolini and fresh fish?


Oh isn’t life good?

Life is good because I meditated for 12 minutes today. Because I got a nap in and potato pancakes for breakfast. Because I FaceTimed with some friends and read three different books, and one of those books was one I picked up at a thrift shop just because it looked fun.

Do you know how rare it is for me to read a book just because it looked fun?

Do you know how fun it is to read a book that is so rare?

Life is good because another of those books is Harry Potter and Rob and I are reading Harry Potter together for the first time. And he loves it and I love it and we love each other and the convergence of it all is enough to make a big, messy, porridge slop of love.

And I love porridge.

I even love the parts where it’s messy and sugary and drips its sugary mess all over you.

Oh, isn’t life good?

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  1. Fiona January 16, 2018 at 6:01 am #

    This made me smile such a big smile. Life is great.

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