It’s So Simple It Sounds Absurd

17 Feb


The walk from my car to the yoga studio is about five minutes. Over the river and through the woods. I scale down a hill, pass the pool, make my way through the alley…you get it.

Typically I’m on my phone this whole time, texting and checking and I don’t know. Whatever you do on a phone.

This last month, though, I decided to leave my phone in the car.

It’s so simple, it sounds absurd. Ten minutes a few times a week where I put my phone away. Where I just walk and feel the breeze and say hi to the palm trees and think about whatever I want to think about.

It’s made a difference, though.

The last thing before I step into the yoga studio isn’t an Instagram post, and the first thing when I get out aren’t missed (unimportant in the scheme of things) texts. I have 10 more minutes just to myself. Ten minutes to notice the world around me.

It’s so simple it sounds absurd.

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