20 Things You Should Eat in Malibu

26 Jan


Whoever says Malibu doesn’t have good food, get out of town.

1. Sunlife Brazilian Bowl

I actually like the dragonberry bowl best, but acai is the cool thing, OK? Malibu now has TWO locations of this health shop, complete with crystals and surfing videos because it’s just that popular.

2. Lily’s Breakfast Burrito

Add potatoes. Use the sauce generously. Call ahead at least 30 minutes. You only need a medium. (Trust me.) Ooh! Also a good donut.

3. Coral Beach Cantina Nachos Roberto

Add chicken.

4. Duke’s Key Lime Pie + Fries (And Ranch)

Malibu’s pub. Treat it as such. I like their blue cheese burger. I like their nachos. They know me by name here, get off my back.

5. Taverna Tony Avgolemon Soup

Their pita bread is also divine.

6. Vintage Grocers Chai

Honestly anything from Vintage Grocers. They have homemade kombucha on tap, this is what we’re dealing with. Rob likes their poke bowls.

7. Grom Gelato

Whatever you get, add the heavy whipped cream on top.

8. Malibu Seafood Fish and Chips

Better fish and chips than London, hand to Harry. The line is always a beast, though.

9. Malibu Farm Quinoa Oatmeal

This place has its own cookbook and honestly it’s all great and it’s on the pier and I’ve seen Orlando Bloom here so I can’t ask for more. I usually get the quinoa oatmeal with fruit, maple syrup and coconut milk because I’m an oatmeal girl at heart. Their smoked salmon scramble makes the Best of LA lists regularly.

10. Cholada Drunken Noodles

Best Thai of my life, no joke. This is spicy. Usually the other person orders green curry and we split.

11.  Malibu Chicken – Spicy Chicken Wings

A new addition (where KFC used to be, Yelp is not helping here), but my oh my I do enjoy a bucket of hot wings. They make them in a lot of pepper so they have great flavor. Fries aren’t bad.

12. Neptune’s Net Clam Chowder/Thick Gravy

Go for the sunset on the patio. I like to get one of their fried fish plates and a thing of clam chowder, which, as mentioned before, tastes like gravy.

13. Paradise Cove Fried Calamari

This order comes in an enormous plastic cocktail glass with fries and dipping sauces and it’s worth the $10 parking to split this with a girlfriend.

14.  Old Place Restaurant Noodle Bake

Technically considered Agoura Hills, this one is up the canyon from Malibu and feels like you stepped into a Western. There are peacocks wandering around and dim lights and a wood cabin and I quite enjoy the noodle bake and potpie.

15. Farmers Market Chicken and/or Cheese + Chili Tamales

I get both sauces, but green is best. There’s also tasty bundt cakes and decent falafel. It’s a gourmet farmers market. There’s a lot going on.

16. Malibu Kitchen Snickerdoodles and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I also like their pulled pork sandwich for a nice lunch in the sunshine.

17. Marmalade Cafe Artichoke Dip

And/or pot roast. I used to love their fried chicken meal but it’s let me down the last couple of times and I didn’t want to mention it and now I’m regretting it.

18. Ollo Brunch

It’s trendy, it’s got a great interior, and if I just want a stack of pancakes and crispy fries for breakfast I go here.

19. Nelly’s Catering Carne Asada Tacos

A taco truck in the middle of a nursery. Good stuff.

20. McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg



BONUS: Malibu Yogurt Cookies and Cream Frozen Yogurt

Can’t believe I almost forgot! Forgive me!

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