Roommates You’ll Have In Your Twenties — Part 4

18 Dec


PARTS 1, 2, and again created with the person who makes me laugh most– Hilary.

76. The roommate who thinks she knows your diagnosis

77. The roommate who suggests couples counseling for the two of you

78. The “this relationship peaked early on and now there’s nowhere to go but down” roommate (approx 90% of all roommates)

79. The roommate who lies about everything

80. The roommate who just got certified in massage therapy and would LOVE to give you a massage for a small fee that isn’t so small

81. The roommate who doesn’t recognize you a year later

82. The has a crush on your boyfriend roommate

83. The you have a crush on her boyfriend roommate

84. The roommate who actually takes you up on that empty offer to go running with her sometime

85. The roommate who doesn’t pick up her dog’s poop on your bed

86. The roommate who answers “Why is someone saving these dirty ziplock bags?” with “Oh, I don’t know, maybe so they don’t sit in a landfill forever.”

87. The roommate who is starting a compost heap in the living room

88. The roommate who just discovered The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and needs you to as well

89. The retired roommate who should really move back to the East Coast with her family

90. The roommate who high fives you for being a virgin

91. The roommate who high fives herself for not being a virgin

92. The roommate practicing 4 bars of music for a singing auditions 500,000 times

93. The engaged roommate

94. The about to be engaged roommate

95. The “just waiting on the ring” roommate

96. The “just waiting for him to realize I’m the one” roommate

97. The “goes to prom as an adult” roommate

98. The cries about her acne roommate

99. The Real Housewives roommate

100.  The roommate with a tragic backstory that you can’t ask about but you have to know the details of

101. The roommate who takes two hours to get ready

102. The roommate who defiantly doesn’t wear makeup and open judges you for putting on mascara

103. The roommate who thinks she can cook, but can’t

104.  The roommate who criticizes the way you put on your lotion


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