My (Truthful) Hobbies

13 Dec


1. Spending hours on Trulia looking at houses I cannot afford, but still putting “price limits” on there, because this is totally rational and realistic.

2. Looking up the Instagram accounts of the five or so people I do not know but am still interested in.

3. Making long lists of things I will do tomorrow without any thought of perhaps trying to tackle any today.

4. Texting my friends in the “Stronger Together” group message long, angry political rants and then emotionally accepting they will not respond.

5. Ruminating on the bad habits I never am able to end.

6. Making boxes of Kraft mac and cheese.

7. Scrolling through Netflix for a New Show That Will Change My Life and landing on nothing after an hour or so.

8. Wishing Fuller House had more episodes because that’s what I’m looking for on Netflix but I don’t really want to rewatch, you know?

9. Taking pictures of my neighbors’ (exterior) decorations without them seeing me.

10. Hot tub(bing?)

11. Talking about how much I love hot tubs and how all I want in life is a hot tub.

12. Randomly renewing library books on my library app.

13. Writing


Hobbies I tell people:

1. Yoga!

2. Hiking!

3. World peace!

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