The Best TV shows of 2016

19 Dec





Ok listen I feel like I have to shout here. This show has like NO ratings. No one is watching this thing. People are already saying it’s going the way of Arrested Development or Freaks and Geeks. A weird little show doing weird little things to a weird little audience that will likely be cancelled way ahead of its time. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. WATCH THIS. It’s on Netflix so you can start there, but then join me in giving your Friday nights to this important cause.

If this doesn’t convince you please watch these music videos. PLEASE.

 2. This is Us

This Is Us - Season Pilot


I’m following along with the rest of you and I’m liking it and that’s about all there is to say.

 3. Fleabag


In the words of my brother, a devastating show.  It is well paced and well acted and it is remarkably devastating. I’ve heard this year described as the year of the complicated female on TV and I say every year should be the year of the complicated female and wow-e-zow the ending and let’s just say female not complicated female.

 4. Insecure



Another one of those female shows! It’s like I have a type or something! Issa Ray is phenomenal phenomenal phenomonal and her friend Molly is equally wonderful. It’s their love story, above all.

 5. Fuller House




What? What is this doing on the list? Listen, everyone is like ugh Fuller House is so lame. I watched it in a day.

If you are watching it in a day it is doing something really right and just because it’s not the really right of, say, an Emmy winner, that doesn’t mean it’s also really, really right in its own way.

Team Steve Always and Forever. And not in the T Swift way.





Reality TV shows of mention include Fixer Upper and Married at First Sight fight me.

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