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3 Dec



I’m trying this thing where I compile all the articles I’m reading on a certain topic and put them up here for you to enjoy and discuss with me.

I love articles.

I frame articles.  I text dozens of articles a day.  I discuss them all at length.  They mean something to me.

And so today I want to try this.  I want to discuss Adele with you.

How about we start here.

What are your favorite songs on 25?

I love When We Were Young.  That cracking high note!  The crippling nostalgia.  She’s so mad!  It makes her restless!

I love Send My Love To Your New Lover.  My heart will always respond to a good catty song.  If I were a song, I would be a good catty song.

What about you?

What type of song are you?

What Adele articles are you reading?  What interviews are you watching?

Let’s leak tears of perfectly winged eyeliner together.

1. Adele Cries To Her Music Too

If I was sad, if I was confused, I’d just go with it.  I’d let myself fall aprt, and I’d sit in darkness and I’d feel sorry for myself and I wouldn’t accept any help to get out of it, in terms of going out with my friends to cheer me up or staying busier.  No! I loved the drama of it all.

How I felt when I wrote 21, I wouldn’t want to feel again.  It was horrible.  I was miserable.  I was lonely, I was sad, I was angry, I was bitter.  I thought I was going to be single for the rest of my life.  I thought I was never going to love again.  It’s not worth it…I’m not willing to feel like that to write a song again.  I’m not.

2. The SNL Adele Sketch We’ve All Been Watching On Repeat

Fun fact! I once wrote half a screenplay with the lead named Aidy because I was convinced Aidy Bryant would read it, love it and star in it.

I should really finish that, now that I think of it…

3. Adele on ’25’: Song By Song

And I think that line — ‘It matters how it ends’ — is obviously for me and all of my friends. That’s what we always say when something’s about to happen. It matters how this ends, how we get out of this one — whether it be a relationship, a night out, watching a film, whatever. It matters how everything ends because that’s how you remember it.

Also, Adele’s favorite lyric she’s ever written is my favorite lyric she’s ever sung.

I love that I can tell that. That I can listen to a song and be punched by a phrase and that was her intention all along.

She was purposely punching and it hit me right.

4. Adele on Jimmy Fallon

The best part is Jimmy becoming Russell Brand.

5. Hey Are You Looking at Me? Good. Now Buzz Off.

There’s no testing of the limts of Adele’s stardom.  She knows what we want from her, and, for now, she’s perfectly content to give it to us.  Let Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Drake and Tyalor Swift edit the HTML of fame.  Let them play mind games and send mixed signals.  Let them be “problematic.”  Adele just wants to sing.  And ulikes, say, a newly contrite Mr. Bieber, who recently released a lusciously produced, earnestly sung album called “Purpose,” when Adele says she’s sorry she’s not saying it to her Instagram followers.

6. Adele Pranks Adele Impersonators

This just makes me think of the legend that Dolly Parton didn’t win a Dolly Parton lookalike contest.



That butter voice slipping out those double meanings!

Oh I see you, Justin.

I see you.

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