Dirty Diet Coke, Baby

14 Dec


I originally wrote this article for Self Magazine, which looking back on it wasn’t my brightest idea.  They asked if I had any recipes and I thought, well no, do you know me at all? And then I realized YES. Yes I have the best recipe and it’s something no one knows about and basically I’m bringing 12 million new daily hits to your website so let’s work through our feelings on that.

And then I realized it’s Self Magazine.  They are looking for creative ways to eat kale and avocados and, if we’re getting really wild, chia seeds.  They are not looking for diet sodas containing added sugar and cream. And I get that, I really do.

But the world still needs to know about Dirty Diet Cokes.

I have a lot to say about Dirty Diet Cokes, but I’ll go ahead and assume that you’re one of the 12 million new viewers brought to my blog by me posting this and skip to the stuff you really want.

I will say this, though: anyone who has ever met a Dirty Diet Coke has loved it.  I’ve had friends leave parties at my house only to go home and make their own and text me pictures of the process.  These are friends who are going out later that night to get…you know…actual alcoholic drinks, but find this sugary Utah treat is really want how they want to begin their night.

And so, without further ado, I present to you…Dirty Diet Cokes.

Go forth and be happy.

Serves 1

12 oz Diet Coke

1/2 lime

2 TB coconut syrup

1 TB Half and half


Fill a large glass with ice. Mix Diet Coke, coconut syrup, and a splash of half and half.  Squeeze the lime, leaving the lime rind in the glass.

You can play around with the proportions, I tend to go heavier on the lime, lighter on the coconut.  There is no right way.  There is only happiness, joy, and love.

That is the magic of the Dirty Diet Coke.

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