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1 Sep



Today my baby, my pet project, my (almost?) everything launches.

Readers, meet the girl power blog:


My insanely talented friend Rebbie and I are running this site and you can read more of what it’s about here.  Basically, as Rebbie put it, we believe women are strong and talented and capable and should have the lives they want.  We will be writing about the ups and downs of being female through the lens of Her Majesty, The Queen, Beyoncé.

I wrote a few pieces for the launch.

My personal favorite is Should I Keep Talking to my Ex?  I wish someone had given me this years ago and forced me to read it every night before bed.

There’s also I Need to Stop Following Your Wedding Hashtag about one of those Instagram weddings that destroys your self esteem. (I cannot be the only one here.)

And then there’s The Most Powerful Thing about Bey (According to Vogue) about body image and loving yourself and that ever evolving internal discussion I’m having with myself.

Rebbie wrote some stellar pieces.

The Truth About “Crazy Girls” featuring one of Beyoncé’s greatest videos, “Why Don’t You Love Me.” (I wish I had written this piece.  It is gold.)

We are…Sasha Fierce on internet personas.

And It’s OK to be Solange which is a must-read for the title alone.

We also answered the pressing question, Are You Two Obsessed with Beyoncé?  (No!  Yes!  Sort of?)

Check it out and let me know how you like it.

Let’s run the world!



How To Beyonce:






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  1. sarah September 3, 2015 at 9:46 am #

    this is incredible. i love this idea, and the name!

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