Back On The Cape

5 Aug


I’m sitting in a big, white fluffy bed on the top floor of Rob’s Cape house.  I am tempted to call it the attic, but I don’t think that’s accurate.  It’s a floor–small, with slanted ceilings, big closets and Cape appropriate wallpaper.  It’s perfect.

I’ve loved Rob’s Cape home from the moment I stepped foot in it, two summers ago.  His mother has outfitted it perfectly.  Lots of whites and cool blues, everything cozy and oversized, shells and heart-shaped rocks, a clock showing the tide.

The tide is so important here.  There are clocks and charts.  We planned the dates we came based on when the tide would be in and at what times.  The tide, you see, determines how warm the bay is. And how warm the bay is determines most everything.

I had a lobster roll for dinner.  Clam chowder and sushi for lunch and a lobster roll and onion straws for dinner and I’m not feeling well.  Rob told me I needed to drink more water, because in my pain I was asking a lot of quesitons about America’s Got Talent and he was not interested in answering them.

He doesn’t know the answers.

I don’t like lobster.  I want to like lobster.  Being really into lobster rolls seems like the type of thing I could get really into, but alas.  It’s like oysters.  You outfit those things up with lemon and sauces and they can taste OK but you can’t get rid of the texture.

Seafood is mild tasting and has odd textures.  I want my food spicy and dynamic and SOMETHING.

This I accept about myself amen.

There are bugs here.  They seem to love me.  Rob is walking around, limping from bug bites and I haven’t had a single bite.  Is it possible I’m not allergic to their bites?  Is this a thing?

Speaking of design, Rob’s mom put up patriotic decorations on the way to their beach. Aren’t they dreamy?

Today we went to a stationary store.  I bought three packs of thank you cards and one pearly white journal that just really stood out.  As I bought it, the store owner informed me that it was a wedding book.  That explains the hefty price tag.  And the beading.

I shall use it for my non-important thoughts, I shall.

I love that about the Cape.  There are stores devoted simply to stationery.  How can this be?  I wonder.  How can they stay afloat financially?  And yet they do.

Stationery and art galleries.  Ice cream shop after ice cream shop.

Independent bookstores!  They live on here as they should live on everywhere.  We went to one where the books are piled like  a labrinyth, where the checkout counter has bins of penny candy, where the store owner comes through and says, “I’m sorry, have you seen our cat?”

All good bookshops should have a lost cat and bins of penny candy.  All good bookshops should feel cozy.  Get away pristine bookshops where I don’t want to touch the books.  Get far, far away.

Wellfleet, MA is my dream place.  It’s the coziest town, a mix between Capeside and Stars Hollow.  The houses are all like this.

They don’t make houses like that outside of New England.

I don’t think.

The hydrangeas are thick and puffy, the daisies overgrown.  You ocan walk everywhere and maybe one day I can learn to like oysters because the oysters there are famous.  Also there’s a protest corner.

Rob’s grandma bought me Truman Capote’s short stories at the Wellfleet bookstore.  Capote was a character.  I don’t want to talk about Nelle right now.

I do want to talk about the vintage croquet set that’s haunting my dreams from the flea market.

And the flea market.

And the fact that the flea market is held at the drive-in movie theater, because of course Wellfleet would have a drive-in movie theater.

Of course.

Tomorrow I’m going to go to the store and buy baby carrots.  That’s what I need.  Carrots.  I think they are missing from my diet.

I love it here.

That’s all.


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4 Responses to “Back On The Cape”

  1. Bailey Brewer August 5, 2015 at 10:28 am #

    Jealous. I am ready for a cozy vacation. Headed to Buffalo next weekend with the boy, hopefully it will fill the need. xo

  2. Christine August 6, 2015 at 1:08 pm #

    I love that you’re going to use a wedding journal as a regular journal! Convention be damned!

    • jillianlorraine August 10, 2015 at 10:07 pm #

      🙂 I’ve actually found I’m writing in it more than usual. I think it’s inspiring me/I feel guilty about the price tag.

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