The Where Would You Live Game

19 Apr


The Where Would You Live game goes like this.

You get to own three homes.  Where do you choose?

There aren’t any other rules.  You’re not limited to to specific countries or budgets or types of houses.

Three homes.  Yours.


I played this game with my friends recently, and it was quite fun to hear everyone’s answers.

Telling, too.

One of my friends confidently said she wanted a Mediterranean villa on a Greek island for travel purposes, a nice cabin in Park City for when she’s visiting family, and a fabulous apartment in some great city for wherever her fabulous job is.

“In my current state I don’t know or care where I want my main home to be.  I’m completely without direction,” she said.

One friend declared she wants “nothing to do with small towns.”

Another friend chose the three cities she fell in love with at first sight.

I came up with my homes without thought, really.  It wasn’t difficult.  I know where I want to be.

That’s a nice feeling.

A sense of place.

Lena Dunham says that about Eloise in her documentary It’s Me, Hilary.

Eloise has a sense of place.

It appears I do, too.  Or at least I’m gaining one.

My first home and my main residence is in Malibu, of course.

A white cottage overlooking the ocean with huge windows and a huge patio and a pool to soak in as the sun scatters into bits of color across the sky. A cozy sort of place always bursting with visitors and dinner parties, laughter and sunshine, westuits and paddleboards.

Malibu will be my community, my roots.  I’ll invest in the yearlong yoga pass.  I’ll have a breakfast burrito every day of the week.  I’ll do any and all author events at Bank of Books and I’ll be on a first-name basis with the tamale maker at the farmers market.

I’ll hike and surf and visit Pepperdine an abnormal amount for an adult long separated from her college days.

I’ll always be a bit sad when Memorial Day comes around and I pack my bags for my second home on Cape Cod.

Of course, once I’m on the Cape I’ll forget I was ever hesitant about coming.

My home on the Cape is another cottage, this one with shingles and history, this one in a walkable town. (Maybe Martha’s Vineyard?)  The town is key here, letting me enact all of my Dawson’s Creek/Gilmore Girl fantasies.  I want good oysters and good art galleries.  Clam bakes with the neighbors.  Sailboats and day trips around New England.

I want drive-in movies and quirky flea markets, protest corners and town hall meetings.

I want it all I want it all I want it all eesh I want it all so much I could almost live there full time.

And then I remember the winters and my white cottage by the sea in the land of perfect weather and I’ll think…

It’s better this way.

It’s better in smaller doses.

My final home is a thatched roof cottage in the English countryside where I disappear for three month stretches and write novels and go crazy and garden and wear Wellingtons and semi-flirt with the local pub owner over Sunday roasts. I’ll have a big fireplace and daydreams, walks through the fields and hefty novels that I read all at once and not at all and every time in between.

I’ll have simple living there, an existence without too much excitement, and  yet with all the excitement I’ve ever wanted.  I’ll drink endless amounts of tea and try my hand at endless amounts of baking.  I’ll journal and breathe in the country air and tell my younger self she did it.

She finally lived in her thatched roof English countryside house.

She finally fulfilled her destiny.

And then I’ll go back to Malibu, back to another cottage in another small town.

And then I’ll go back home.

And now it’s your turn.

Where are your three homes? Which is your main residence? Was it hard to come up with your answers?  Give me the juicy details, people!

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5 Responses to “The Where Would You Live Game”

  1. Valerie April 20, 2015 at 8:37 am #

    My first home will be a loft in Southern CA. A modern home that is quite impressive but never enjoyed because I’ll always be working.

    My second home will be an adorable beach house somewhere in Florida. Right on the beach, with the most perfect sand and water. I’ll vacation there with my friends and family and have the best of times!

    My third home will be a small cottage in Italy on the most beautiful vineyard. I’ll go there once or twice a year to renew my soul. And drink all the wine of course.

    • jillianlorraine April 21, 2015 at 6:51 pm #

      This is so dreamy. Italy was on my shortlist too. Vineyards! Food! Romance!

  2. Anastasia April 21, 2015 at 1:37 am #

    For me it’s easy.

    My first home would be a cottage by the sea somewhere in Cornwall, England. On the clifftop by a beach, so I can watch the waves from the comfort of my living room in the winter and spend hours swimming in them in the summer. It’ll be just big enough for my friends to stay whenever they want, and have a small office with a big window overlooking the ocean, that I can fill with books and where I can write my own. This one would be my proper home.

    My second home would be a tiny apartment in Paris, France. Right in the heart of Montmartre and just big enough for me, my bed, and a bath tub. I’ll write every day, sat on my tiny balcony, looking out at the Eiffel Tower, and have croissants and coffee every morning. This one will just be for me. Where I can live out my strange fantasies of being a bohemian artist.

    My third home would be a house in Sydney, Australia. Close to the harbour, not right in the centre of the city. It would have big, airy rooms and a pool in the back garden to cool down in when it gets too hot. This would be the holiday house, big enough for friends and family to join me for a month or two of exploring the city every year and comfortable enough that I never need to feel as though my home is on the other side of the world.

    • jillianlorraine April 21, 2015 at 6:56 pm #

      I love this. I know you’re living in a cottage in Cornwall, but I can’t help but think of the stately manor in About Time. That film really convinced me Cornwall is something magic.

      • Anastasia April 23, 2015 at 10:54 am #

        The manor in About Time would also be very acceptable!

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