January Ramblings

14 Jan


I look back on my old Instagram photos and shudder.  I realize we all did this, there was a time when people actually applied their edits in Instagram, that we used full filters and ruined perfectly good photos and no one has the originals and Instagram is the new scrapbooking, in that way.

I realize this and still I’m upset.  Shouldn’t I have known better?

I do my best every day to make up for these wrongs.

Instagram is the new scrapbooking in every way, I’m just realizing this now.

I had the Caesar Salad at BOA over a year ago and I never stopped thinking about it.  It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. A chef comes to your table with this rack of secret ingredients and makes this spicy delicious thing that almost doesn’t taste like Caesar Salad dressing, but rather a shaving of stardust from the cheese grater in the sky.

I took Rob to BOA a few months back because I wanted him to watch the chef and memorize the recipe.

He watched.  We ate our salads.  We left and went to the store where he bought the ingredients and made me another salad that very night.

He now makes me this salad…oh…every day.

I wrote down the recipe for Self Magazine, and I hope you and the world appreciate this.  I eat this every day.  It was over a year in the making and my boyfriend watched and memorized the BOA chef movements for this baby.

It’s worth it.

Fancy Caesar Salad Dressing

Speaking of Self, I wrote about my makeup remover here.  (Coconut oil, but there’s a whole article with it.)

I don’t get excited about that many health trend things, but I am on the coconut oil train.

TOOT TOOT shaving cream TOOT TOOT

After I read Brown Girl Dreaming I decided to write my own childhood in free verse.  I began with “If he loved her he would have taken her to Paris” and then I quit.

Still thinking about it, though.

Still sure I have it in me.

I started a Facebook page for this blog!  Like it!

Even if Facebook isn’t your social media poison of choice!

Heaven knows it’s not mine.

(I really don’t like political conspiracy theories.) (At all at all.)

Is there anyone who feels comfortable promoting themselves?  Every time I Tweet/Insta/FB anything I’ve done I immediately want to crawl into a hole and say “Sorry for spamming everyone I know.”  I need to work on it.  This year I’m working on it.  I put a lot of effort towards this blog and the other things I write.

I put a lot of effort in for veryyyyyyyyyyyy little reward/pay.

It’s worth talking about.

Even if I’m not, say, my brother, whose research was recently written up in the Washington Post!!

(Go Jeff.)

I wrote a little ditty for Thought Catalog called 41 Insane Things I’ve Done In The Name Of The Royal Family.

I pitched it as 41 Crazy Ass Things I’ve Done In The Name Of The Royal Family so it’s good to know I’m too crass for this world/Thought Catalog.

But you should read it, you know.

(There’s me working on my promotion problem.)

Also! I wrote this essay for Thought Catalog called My Boyfriend Is a Patriots Fan.  This is What the First Playoff Game Looked Like.  Rob says it’s his favorite thing I’ve ever written, but he could be biased since it’s me talking about the Patriots.  Whatever the case, this is one of my favorite paragraphs I’ve ever written:

You see, there is a juju thing, one I was not aware of.

I didn’t know that the game is not determined by Tom Brady or Julian Edelman or any of the men on that field.  The game is actually determined by Robert, in my home in Malibu.  It’s determined by fans like you and me.  What we say.  How hard we pray.  The distances and bars and storms we’re willing to face, it’s all part of the juju.

Let us all pray the Patriots win the SuperBowl or…

I can’t even think about it.

Good juju!


I’m trying to write a book this month.

Well, I suppose I’m trying to write a book every month for practically all my life, but this month in particular.

I’m rather terrible at it.  Writing a book is…whew…and it’s easy to say, “I’ll get to that after I write 15 new blog posts and really clean out the trunk of my car.  I’ve been meaning to for ages, there’s a weird buildup thing back there do not give me that look.”

So it was particularly…timely...when Self released their new Time Makeover program designed to help you focus your life and schedule.  I’ve just started, it’s a three work course if you want to do the whole thing, but I really like the idea behind it. I need a time bootcamp. I need the Jillian Michaels of time to come yell at me while I sob at my computer and finally set up a Venmo account after which I respond to those emails and write that book!


I think that was me doing karate?  I’m just letting it flow here.

I thought this was great.  When you take their Time Makeover quiz they give you a time personality.  I am a Time Warrior:

You’re highly creative so traditional time management strategies don’t always work for you.  You end up completing projects at the last minute and spend your days putting out fires.  It can feel impossible to sit down and prioritize, which makes it hard to focus on activities that could replenish your emotional and mental well-being.  Your goal: You want to finish what you start and follow through on your promises to yourself–and others.

I think this is the nice way of saying, “pull it together, woman.”

You can take the quiz here and sign up for the Time Makeover here.


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  1. fiona January 14, 2015 at 9:41 am #

    The coconut oil thing! The other night my fiancée (gah – sounds obnoxious but hey, its french to start with…) and I wondered what we would’ve looked like if we had been (wanted to be) goth kids in high school. We applied my fantastic waterproof eyeliner. We then struggled to remove said eyeliner, naturally. And then I exclaimed “Jillian said coconut oil works!” (yeah first name basis with a stranger). And it works! Glad it actually has a use now 😀

    • jillianlorraine January 15, 2015 at 2:00 pm #

      Yesssss! So glad we are on a first-name basis now.

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