Happy Thanksgiving Back

25 Nov


I’m thankful for my family.  For this group of people who have to love me and choose to love me and always love me.

For my mother and father who gave me a Brady Bunch childhood.  For their relationship, which inspires boys who do not love me to say, “The best part about marrying you would be your parents as in-laws”

I’m thankful for my siblings, the people who make sense of me.  The other four human beings who share crooked second toes and high-pitched giggles and the Denning language.

I’m grateful for my boyfriend.

I’m grateful that he sees my refusal to go in the kitchen as a good thing.  I’m grateful for his support.  For the nights he saves his mac and cheese for me.  For the traffic jams he offers to drive through.

I’m grateful I’m not crying every day anymore.

I’m grateful for my friends, the incredible women I’ve collected, my greatest accomplishment in my 27 years.  I’m grateful for their bravery and honesty and validation and understanding.

I’m grateful for a job that allows me to pursue writing.  I get to pursue writing!  For real!

It’s like a glorious dream.

So is living in Malibu.

I’m thankful, thankful, thankful for Malibu.

I’m grateful for sunsets on the beach.  For raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

For David Beckham’s right foot.

For David Beckham’s left foot.

I’m grateful for Nick Hornby and Mariah Carey and Nachos Roberto with extra chicken.

I’m grateful for Essie vending machines and library cards and nacho cheese curly fries and black toenails and birthday months and Richard Curtis movies and Gilmore Girls reunions and potato sack dresses and Joni Mitchell and and and

My hair.

Can I say my hair?

I’m grateful for my hair.

And Anne Lamott.

And Thanksgiving in the suburbs.

And you.

(If you’re nice.  You’re all nice, right?)

Happy Thanksgiving back, people.

Happy Thanksgiving back.

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  1. Laura November 26, 2014 at 11:18 am #

    And then remember growing up and realizing that Rose (That is a great name, Rose.) was destined to be a lesbian Orthopedic surgeon at Seattle Grace?

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