Adventures In Decorating: The Lily Allen Article

8 Oct


Moments after finishing the article, I rip the pages out of Vogue and search for a frame.

These words deserve a frame.

I’ve never done this before, put magazine clippings into something beautiful, but after reading about Lily Allen’s country home, I know I have no choice.  This feeling needs to be preserved forever.

I make my way through my jumble of a room.  I am still in the unpacking phase, the “olive green suitcase sporting half a dry shampoo bottle phase.”  It’s this phase that feels like the forever phase.  The phase of the rest of my life.

I find two white frames currently boasting sketches from Alice in Wonderland.  I bought them during a day trip to Oxford.  I felt like I couldn’t pass them up—when would I be able to buy sketches from the very place Caroll wrote his twisted tale?

When would I be able to buy other things I didn’t want or need, but felt like a good idea?

I open the back of the frames and carefully slide in the glossy pages.  They take some adjusting and the thick, unyielding Tweedle Dum paper doesn’t help anything, but eventually they are in place.

My first, real decorating endeavor complete, or so it feels.

I smile and reread the article, pausing on the important bits.

Lily Allen’s country house, hidden away down a deliciously long drive in the depths of the English Cotswolds is the sort of place Mrs. Tigglewinkle might have lived.  The ancient front door, reached through a charming cobbled courtyard dripping with white hydrangeas, has the date 1660 carved in stone above it.  The only indication that this is home to a 29-year-old singer-songwriter rather than a fictional hedgehog is a welcome mat that reads CHANEL. 

The older girl appears, dressed in a multicolored baby-djellba-type garment, “Shall we go and pick some flowers?” asks Lily, gathering a basket and secateurs in one hand, child in another.

 The rooms have been given nicknames—the best guest bedroom, with beautiful vintage curtains and a crewelwork bedspread is Claridges.

I brace myself for the article’s improbably fabulous end, a scene as fantastical as any Harry Potter battle.

When I return a couple of hours later, Lily is arranging a huge bunch of blooms in a giant cream-colored earthenware jug.  Somehow she also manages to simultaneously pour champagne for her guests, roast two chickens, make delicious fresh salads, and entertain the group with her tales from the road.  As we eat, the late summer sun sets through a tiny round window facing west, a rash of reds, golds, and oranges. “The light! Look at the light here!” sighs one guest rapturously. “It’s perfect.”

I smile to myself.

“It is possible,” I sigh rapturously.  It is possible to live the exact life I want.


PS: Lily’s best song ever (something I don’t take lightly because it’s really hard out here for a bitch), yes?

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  1. chelsea October 8, 2014 at 2:46 pm #

    I LOVE that you framed this!

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