Let’s Talk About Necklaces

29 Sep


I went to this party shortly after high school.  I use the term “party” lightly, because at the time “parties” consisted of the same 15 people, gathering at one of our parent’s homes to play Trivial Pursuit and giggle a lot.  If things got rowdy perhaps Cool Ranch Doritos were involved.

At this particular get-together I was wearing an arm full of bracelets—bangles, textured monstrosities, cuffs so big one might mistake them for armor.  The bracelets wound their way up my arm, nearly touching my elbow.  They jangled with every arm gesture, announced my presence in every room.  My jewelry would not be ignored and neither would I.

One of my friends laughed when he saw me, “Jill, no one else in the room felt the need to wear 45 bracelets tonight,” he said.  I laughed too.

I’ve always been the 45 bracelet girl, both literally and metaphorically.

There’s this writer I follow on Instagram who recently decided to revamp her closet and focus on the basics–neturals, pieces that will last a lifetime, classics for every occasion.

I’ve watched her project with a twinge of envy.  How nice to pull of pencil skirts and nude pumps!  What a fabulous thing a trench coat is!

And yet I know in my heart of hearts I’m simply never going to be living #thatneutrallife.

I’m a 45 bracelet girl, through and through.

I feel like jewelry, perhaps even more so than clothing, is a window into someone’s soul.  We all have to wear clothes, to some degree or another, but jewelry is optional.  Jewelry is the cream on the top, the extras, the fun.  Jewelry is the stuff that defines us.

Lately, for me, that means a whole lot of gold necklaces.

I started this gold necklace collection quite a while ago, but it wasn’t until last weekend that I finally found the last ingredient.   I’ve been thinking of these necklaces as a soup, of sorts.  A fall gold necklace soup that takes just the right mix of textures and lengths and pieces of one’s soul, carefully brewed over a hot fire, and red peppered to taste.

The added piece was that little clock you see there, picked out by Lucas and made at a bead store in Silver Lake for $4 on a hot afternoon, just because.  As soon as that chain went round my neck I realized the meal was ready.

I’m just red peppering at this point.

Jillian Denning’s Fall Gold Necklace Soup Recipe

Combine ingredients, bring to a boil, add red pepper to taste

1. The Fleetwood Mac

 2. The Malibu  (Similar-ish)

 3. The Luke Original

4. The Sylvia Plath

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