Lady Di

24 Sep


This is Lady Di.

Lady Di is my new best friend.

She sits atop my dresser, smiling with her rimmed eyes, shedding her regal light on the room around her.  She protects my essentials, my SPF moisturizer, my Moroccan Oil.

Where some people would place a mirror, I place Lady Di.

She is my best friend.

(We know how I feel about friendships.)

Hilary found Lady Di for me, because Hil is just that sort of fantastic person.  She told me LD was an housewarming slash friendship slash early birthday month present.

Birthday month preparations are going well, thank you for asking.

Luke says others enable me when they buy into birthday month, but then he opens the note on his phone and adds things to the “Jill Birthday Month” list so really there’s not much more to say about that.

Lady Di and I feel it in our bones that this is going to be a good birthday year.

Gilmore Girls is released on Netflix on the first day of birthday month. Lucas and I also celebrate our 6-month anniversary that day.


I’ll be in Malibu for my birthday.

You can see the stars in Malibu!  Have I told you personally about my testimony of the stars in Malibu?

It’s a wondrous thing to look up and see a mess of speckles against a dewy sky.  It’s a wondrous thing to be far enough away from LA I can pretend LA doesn’t exist if I want to.

I always pretend it doesn’t exist.

I’ve only been in Malibu a few days, but already the past little while feels like a weird dream.  Malibu is where I should be.  In Malibu I’m always on holiday.

I’m a holiday sort of girl.

I met Luke for dumplings this week, and when I showed up I said, “I forgot to wear a bra.”  He laughed, “You sound like you’re on vacation,” and that’s what it feels like, honestly.

The no bra thing occurs as often as socially-acceptably-humanly possible in my life.

But the forgetting about the bra thing? That’s a vacation thing.

It’s vacation 24/7 in Malibu.

Plus work and writing.

I’m good with the work and writing if I’m on holiday vacation anniversary jubilee, though.

If you know what I mean.

Lady Di does.

She says hello, by the way.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of her.

A lot of her.

Infinity Lady Di.

I’m considering starting a LD Instagram account so you can follow her adventures directly.

I’ll keep you posted.

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