Royals and Beckhams

13 Jun



Hello again.

I have a few important items of business to cover.

First off, Luke got a David Beckham swimsuit on our shopping trip of yesterweek.

This is listed first because it’s most important.

That’s how the “first” thing works.


Before you go saying what you’re thinking, I swear to you, I’m not trying to pretend Luke is David Beckham.

(Insert some sort of vague emoticon that can be interpreted all ways.)

The honest to goodness truth is as soon as we walked into H&M, my entire being was drawn to this one suit, a classy pair of striped navy shorts glowing amidst a rack of palm tree atrocities. Even after Luke tried on every other swimsuit in the store it was still the one, Shania style.

And right when we decided that, that there could be no other swimwear in his life, Luke looked down at The Shorts and we gasped.  For what did they say on the bottom right corner but “David Beckham bodywear”?!!!

FATE and a half plus London.

(Second emoticon!)


I just watched Diana on Netflix.

And I know. I call myself a royal fan and the rest of you probably slept over at the movie theater the night before it was released and wrote your thesis on the film and spent at least 12 days rewatching the movie to see if you missed something important or this was really it.

I know.  And my preteen self is disappointed in me for waiting this long.

But I would now like to ask for your forgiveness and also for your conversation.  Have you seen it?

It’s a hot mess.

A really hot mess.

Which is disappointing on a lot of levels, but really, with Diana they had such the opportunity here.  This should have been Oscar-winning, life-changing, soul-moving sort of stuff .

They couldn’t even get her hair right!  Which, at first was very irksome to me, but then I realized something deep and profound: the only person on this earth who ever pulled off the Princess Diana hair was the queen of hearts herself, and asking a film crew with several million dollars to try to copy it was simply a lost cause.

My grandma tells a story about going to a hairdresser circa 1996 and asking for a “Lady Di” and leaving looking like a bald, drowned rat.

(I came up with bald, drowned rat as I don’t remember exact words.)

(Bald, drowned rat seemed to convey the feeling I was going for.)

I had a lot of qualms with the film–directing, screenplay, choice of storyline, inability to capture the amazingness/activism/vulnerability of Diana, but I do have to say…

Holy costuming.

Seeing those dresses come to life was most definitely my favorite part of the film.  And realizing that Diana’s clothing choices 20 years ago have stood the test of time really made me wonder about some of my, shall we say, less timeless pieces of clothing.

Cough cough weirdo headband.

Really the best part of watching this film was it opened the door for one of my first, in-depth royal discussions with Luke.

We spent an evening, me growing more and more animated, he staying his same level of animation, discussing everything from why Charles didn’t marry Camilla in the first place to Diana’s public war with the royal family to Tampongate.


Being able to drop that in casual conversation really made me feel like all of my years of reading royal biographies were finally worth something.

(Insert third emoticon.)

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2 Responses to “Royals and Beckhams”

  1. Brittney June 13, 2014 at 12:02 pm #

    Ive never watched it either if that makes you feel any better.
    OMG the kitty twerking too funny!

  2. Jules June 14, 2014 at 7:40 am #

    Pretty sure my boyfriend has one of those palm tree atrocities – he came home and I was like WHAT is that?

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