C is for Capeside

3 Apr


I’ve been rewatching Dawson’s Season 3 as one does when one is in a state of turmoil/ecstatic joy/eh.

I’ve often wondered about this season.  Kevin Williamson (series creator/Dawson himself) left the show after Season 2 for other pursuits and only came back to write the series finale.  I usually credit Kevin with the show and its genius and often cite him as the source of much of my own inspiration, but I wonder how accurate this is.  Inarguably, the two best seasons of Dawson’s are Seasons 3 and 4 and Kevin wasn’t even around for them.

How much is he responsible for the greatest television season in history? (Season 3)

Come the zombie apocalypse when Amy and I are holed up, watching one last Pacey and Joey moment, how much should we thank Kevin?

This particular Dawson’s rewatching has consisted of me and a mad game with my Apple TV remote.  I only have interest in Joey and Pacey (duh), and therefore I skip all other scenes.  However, this rarely works well and usually ends with me fast forwarding too far into a Pacey/Joey scene, rewinding back, finding myself in an Andie scene, screaming and trying again.

It might be quicker to just watch the whole episode, but where is the drama in that?

In addition to the extremely fun remote control game I’ve been playing, this Dawson’s go-around I’ve also been having an existential crisis, of sorts.

Did you know that Capeside is supposed to be Cape Cod???

Say no.

Say I’m not the only one.

Rob brought this to my attention.  I rolled my eyes.  Novice.

“No, no, Robert.  Capeside is a small, coastal town in Massachusetts full of cottages and charm.  In the summer tourists flood in. It’s nothing like Cape Cod at all.  I can’t believe we’re having this conversation.”

And then I realized what I said.  And then I looked it up.  And suddenly all of my life made sense.

Capeside = Cape Cod.

Cape Cod = Capeside.

Jillian + Cape Cod + Capside =

(You’re right, it’s not working.  Scratch that.)

This was remarkable news.  I didn’t even know that Capeside was Cape Cod, and yet I fell in love with both locations separately and completely and now that I know they are one and the same it’s like my life’s destiny has revealed itself.

I must find my way to Cape Code/Capeside.  I must finish this equation!

(I also just read an Abundance of Katherines so you’ll excuse the odd equation thing.  I’m nothing if not heavily influenced by my current read.)

Unfortunately, as with most lovely places, and as with most non-lovely places outside of New York and LA, there appear to be a lack of writing jobs in Cape Codside.

This leaves the English teacher route, the option all of us pursuing writing secretly think about twice a week.

“I will move to Cape Codside and become an English teacher!” I declared, to no one in particular.

“I will stock up on crazy glasses and learn to love Heart of Darkness (no) and wander around writing bad poetry on the weekends!”

But then I remembered Tamara and Season 1 and how that plotline has already been done.  And I decided I should be an English teacher on Prince Edward Island and that is really my fate after all.

And then I watched more Dawson’s.

And spent a lot of time debating if Jacey or Poey is more more offensive.

And ate Walkers shortbread.

Because who knows what my destiny really is, anyway.

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2 Responses to “C is for Capeside”

  1. Gail April 3, 2014 at 10:31 am #

    Capecodeside…hahaha! I haven’t been a Dawson follower but I do love Cape Cod, so may watch it just for the nostalgia of “being there” again. Nice.

  2. Macy April 4, 2014 at 8:18 am #

    Cape Cod is amazing. I have only been once, when I was younger, but it is beautiful. I really hope to make my way back soon.

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