Fleetwood Mac Reunites And My Life Rejoices

28 Mar


Yesterday was just an overall, pinch myself, “stop smiling” “I can’t” sort of 24 hours, and the best part was it all happened the same day Fleetwood Mac decided to reunite for the first time in 15 years!

We all knew the day Fleetwood Mac finally got it together would be a turning point in the solar system, but I didn’t know how great it would be for me personally.

So Stevie, this one’s for you.

My beautiful, Nicks-fueled day started in TA class when my teacher announced we were studying Sylvia Plath.  “Sylvia Plath is my jam!” I said.  And I kept saying jam all day, but I think Sylvia would be OK with it because our connection has got to be two-sided I’m not completely delusional.

Deep breaths.

I told my professor what a difference Sylvia has made in my life and how when I read The Bell Jar for the first time I felt understood in a way I had never before.  I said I believe The Bell Jar is to young women what Catcher in the Rye is to young men, that coming-of-age novel that helps life make sense, that puts to words all of our confusion and angst and turmoil.

And then, lo and behold she repeated that in lecture.

A Poetry PhD liked my Sylvia Plath/Holden Caulfield connection!

My inner nerd just about fainted on the spot.

I just about fainted on the spot.

Then it was off to Malibu Country Mart for lunch with Hilary where a cute boy (I should start saying man, cute man) liked my Great Gatsby sweater and I wore my heart sunglasses just because, and we spent a half hour looking and failing to find lavender hot chocolate, but it’s about the journey, you know?

And then we saw Zeek Braverman!

With his grandpa sandals!

This is the journey dreams are made of!

I tweeted about my love of Zeek’s grandpa sandals not too long ago, so you can rest assured I’m not making all this good stuff up.

Life was just heaping on the love with an ice cream scoop yesterday.

Back at the ranch (Pepperdine) I made Hilary listen to Sylvia’s recitation of The Applicant and we spent the afternoon training our voices to say, “MARRY IT, MARRY IT, MARRY IT” in that same, angry Sylvia way, and I had this moment where I realized that sad, angry women make me happy and energized.

Which is odd to someone like Hilary, but when I actually verbalized it made a lot of sense to me.

This week I got Joni Mitchell Blue on vinyl and I sent Hilary a picture along with my Rice Krispies and Nutella and said “Life is good.”  Hilary asked how something as sad as Joni Mitchell “I wish I had a river I could skate away on” could mean life was good and I realized that Joni (and Sylvia) (and Fiona) make me happy because they make me feel understood and they put words to things I cannot.  That’s all I’m looking for, really.

So sadness makes me happy.


Other bonus, crazily cheery things:

1. I found a half melted Kinder Bueno in my purse in the middle of a four hour class.

2. I got a whole lot of positive writing feedback including the ultimate “your words sparkle on the page” compliment.

3. A friend brought me a back issue of the UK Country Life, and I decided that when I have a million pounds and own a thatched roof footage in the English countryside I will greet my visitors in a floor-length sequined dress and Hunter boots.

4. I looked into subscriptions to Country Life. (It’s the only way forward.)

5. I discovered this Jude Law monologue after watching this Jude Law funny faces video, and I’m sorry, I know in real life he has his issues, but in the words of Naomi Watts, “He’s the most beautiful man who ever walked the earth—an absolutely perfect oil painting.”

6. My night class ended up being an hour of me yelling out things like “Tina Fey addressed the Raymond Chandler sexy baby thing!” because I got to let out my most wild feminist self and Wild Feminist Jill is one of the very best Jills.

7. My friends and I plotted out our LA Times Festival of Books Schedule (!!!!)

8. I came home and my favorite chick lit author’s newest novel was waiting for me and my heart.

9. Fleetwood Mac.  People, FLEETWOOD MAC REUNITED.  We can hear Songbird for real, in person this time, there is no topping this news!

Whew, I’m kind of all jazzed up right now and don’t know where to go from here.

Thank you, Lindsey.

Thank you, Stevie.

(That’s how the live version of Landslide ends.)

(Once Hilary used the “Thank you, Stevie” line in a game to get me to guess Landslide.)

Life is really, really good.

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