10 Characters We’d Be Happy To See Leave A Show

11 Feb



There are two types of weak links in television shows. Number 1: The character so undeveloped that if they quietly slipped away into the night never to be seen again, no one would even notice/protest (hereafter, this type will be referred to as PASSIVE). And Number 2: The character actively (and sometimes aggressively) hurting a show with their performance (we’re calling this type ACTIVE). Both are bad. Both are common.

Here are 10 current TV weak links of the Passive and Active variety. May we never see them again. (Actually I love all these actors, just maybe not in these roles!)

*People, I had to add that parentheses because I am weird and feel really bad writing anything remotely mean about anyone even if I’m talking about fictional characters.*


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And we’re done.

Except for this.  Did you see this?  Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding’s Valentine’s Day single girl playlist.

Now we’re done.


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