SheKnows Sunday

5 Jan


My latest (and only) SheKnows posts.

Latest and greatest seemed like a lie.

21 Warrior cats defending the world

In which I dive into the unfairness of the term “guard dog” but never “guard cat.”

These Maine coon kittens know they are just too cute

Things every girl needs for her first apartment 

Including my actual bed I SLEEP ON TODAY and a velvet couch because all I want in life is a velvet couch.

12 Celebrities who garden

Inspired by my obsessive following of Oprah’s Instagram.  I find personal delight in giggling, “Oh look, there’s Oprah!  Ooh, there’s Stedman again!  And now they’re setting the table!  And now she’s using vegetables from her own garden!” etc. etc. etc.  Nobody save me.

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