Let’s Talk About Jared Leto’s Ombre Hair

22 Jan


Let’s play a little game.  Jared Leto or Jill Denning.  Ready, go!

Jared or Jill?



Jared or Jill?



Jared or meeee?




Ladies and ladies (do gentlemen read this blog?) it is with happy/heavy heart that I approach you with my happy/heavy feelings about my new celebrity doppleganger, Jared Leto.

Jared was an unknown doppelgänger until, of course, his new ombre hairstyle, and then he was an IN YOUR FACE doppelgänger.  I venture to say I’ve never seen a human being, in person or in picture to have such similar hair to my own.

My mother even confirms this.

I have a lot of feelings about this new development.

On the one hand, Jared is an attractive man.  Yay for being compared to attractive people!

On the other hand, Jared is also Jordan Catalano.  No for being compared to boys you are in love with!

I don’t know how far I should go here, but what does it mean if I’m in love with/attracted to Jordan/Jared/myself?

You’re right.  I shouldn’t have gone there.

We’ll end with one more.

Jared Leto or Jillian Denning?



It’s all very confusing.

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