C’est La Vie And Other Things You Tell Yourself When You Take Solo Pictures

10 Jan


Let me set the scene for you here.

It’s 4PM on a Sunday in Sin City.  I’ve been driving all day and am wearing a muumuu/bits of cinnamon bears.  My best friend and I are on the hunt for a place to take pictures before the sun sets.  I have a pile of clothing on my lap and I keep yelling, “How about over there?  What do we think of that BARREN FIELD?”

Ashley, said best friend, pulls over to the side of the road.   “Yes, a barren field could work.”  “But this barren field?  Or that barren field?”  “Why do we keep saying barren field?” “I don’t know, but are we doing the barren field?”

The words “barren field” are tossed around 700 times EXACTLY NO EXAGGERATION.

Barren field yields pictures like this:


No go.

Our spirits are broken, we can’t go on etc.

But wait!  There’s Jokers Wild Casino which has a big stucco wall for picture taking opportunities! Never mind that Ashley’s home has a big stucco wall for picture taking opportunities, the time is now!  The day is here!

I stumble out of the car in my muumuu.  Awkward photos are taken including an entire series with a shoulder shrug?  (I don’t know.  My shoulder doesn’t even know.)


Second outfit is pulled out.  Ashley blocks my body from the dead end traffic so no one sees it.  We realize that I am facing a major road and they can see everything.

Sun is setting!

Accidental prayer photo is taken. (I was not praying, SO YOU KNOW.)


Bad group shots are taken which Ashley will not even give me so I can decide on my own how poor they are.


C’est la vie.

(Which, incidentally, was the name of my favorite song for several years of elementary school. I can still sing every word in full Irish accent, and I will try to pull a Michael Flatley if you put it on in my presence. In another life I was the bad dancer in a girl band.)

Say you will!  Say you won’t!  Say you’ll do what I don’t!

Bringing it back around.

Flatley contained.

The end result was this picture, which I needed for blogging purposes.


This whole photoshoot (?) was for blogging purposes because I’m always woefully lacking in headshots and single shots and all shots and now you know why. When I try to take pictures it turns into a story, but never into a usable photo.

Honestly, I don’t know how other people do it.  I still have mini panic attacks when I think of the shoulder shrugging photos and I still reevaluate my desire to blog when I think of every having to do it again.

C’est, c’est la vie.

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