My Winter Break In Numbers

26 Dec


1 baby shower attended

1 baby shower yet to attend

0 diaper smelling games participated in

2 lbs of pasta salad consumed

24 Frasier episodes watched

5 Daphne Moon outfits owned

17 records from Lindsey

1 Morrissey Greatest Hits record from Lindsey

13 days I’ve worn my Great Gatsby sweater in a row

270 days I hope to wear my Minnie Mouse fleece pajamas in a row

12 months of Vogue

6 scoops of sour cream in Beto’s midnight nachos

20 minutes of deep thought on the name “Zuzu”

1 conversation with my Grandma Suzanne to confirm she’s never been called “Zuzu” and I can’t pass this off as a family name

4 Snapchats with said Grandma

8 books out from the library

1 book read from the library

4 members of the original Babysitters Club (The one book I’ve read. Maybe.  Why do you ask?)

17 minutes spent coveting my nephew’s baby skinny jeans

50 ounces in Fiona Apple Juice received

0 ounces of Fiona Apple Juice consumed (never!)

125 Candy Crush levels completed

5 episodes of The OC watched with Jessica

148 times I’ve said, “ANY OF THE COHEN MEN, REALLY!”

9 days of break left

75 times this number has made me sob


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