SheKnows Saturday And Snow As A Novelty

21 Dec


Finally, FINALLY I published a SheKnows post on a weekend.  We’ve known all along that these posts were begging for a Saturday or Sunday title and I’m so pleased today to finally fulfill their fate!

The last few days I’ve been the depths of despair/illness.  Something about this sickness has driven me to mid to late 1990s Sandra Bullock films, which is a pretty happy place to be.

Young Sandy is best Sandy.

Okay, all Sandy is best Sandy.

Also, it’s a snowstorm around these here parts and it’s all quite beautiful.  I’ve decided that my life is ideal when snow is a novelty.  I can cruise into Utah in mid December and catch the weather just in time for Christmas and then head on out when everyone is getting a little fed up with the cold and the January blues set in.

Lately in my free daydreaming time, I’ve been imagining a future where I am an author and can literally live wherever I want whenever I want.  In these daydream futures I have a home in Utah (three locations are currently under consideration), and I come to this home whenever I’m lonely/tired of living in New Zealand/PEI/the south of France.  I also come to this home every December for some skiing and hot chocolate and snow as a novelty.

What a beautiful life I lead in my daydreams.

And now for the SheKnows Saturday portion of this post! (Fate! Fulfilling fate!)

Santa Claws: 16 adorable kitties dressed up like Santa

Adorable holiday dog sweaters from Etsy

The truth: What your dog really thinks about Christmas

25 Ikea assembly fails


SheKnows Saturday accomplished.

I’ll be carrying this victory with me for some time.


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