Does This Count As A Post?

1 Dec



Oh hey, how about we start this crazy week off with a several-days-old Taking Stock post?

All right then.

Making: plans, Miranda Lambert style
Cooking: red and purple skittles
Drinking: diet coke, always
Reading: Gone with the Wind, always (Every once in awhile I feel like a parody of myself.  When I go to the gym in a Malibu McDonalds shirt toting GWTW I definitely feel like a parody of myself.)
Wanting: to transport Truman, my teddy bear, back to CA with me
Looking: at my high school room
Playing:  Lily Allen onlyyyy
Wasting: time?  My life?  Time it is.
Sewing: umm…
Wishing: my hair would grow and grow and grow
Enjoying: pasta nights with friends
Waiting: for my hair to grow and grow and grow
Liking: seven rings on one hand
Wondering: about the boy
Loving: the boy
Hoping: I stop thinking about the boy
Marveling: at the Utah mountains.  Sigh.
Needing: laser hair removal
Smelling: Kai.  Kai.  Kai.
Wearing: my Great Gatsby sweater and fuzzy socks
Following: my FAC plan, but mainly failing at my FAC plan, and stressing about failing at my FAC plan
Noticing: my nails have been lima bean green a lot longer than planned
Knowing: I should stop going to bed at 3 AM
Thinking: that no matter what I put into some of my friendships, I will never, ever deserve all I get out of them
Feeling: so very happy to be home
Bookmarking:  The Portable Dorothy Parker, one short story at a time
Opening: Michael’s snap chats
Giggling: at Caitlan’s gold pants
Feeling: very tired, and a little bit weepy, and a little bit extra tired because I’m so weepy

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3 Responses to “Does This Count As A Post?”

  1. Linnea December 2, 2013 at 5:56 am #

    I love this. I want to steal this from you and do it too.

  2. jillianlorraine December 2, 2013 at 9:45 am #

    Do it!

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