The Books That Mattered in 2013

30 Dec


When I talk to someone about relationships, one of the first questions I ask is, “How many boys/girls in your life have really mattered?”

Sure, every time you date someone you gain insight into yourself/what you want out of life/a partner etc., but in the grand scheme of dating, there are people you date and then there are people you date that matter years and years later.

For me there’s been two.

Wow, that’s a big step, I usually just say the one.  But, yes, in my 26 years, there have been two boys that I have dated that have really mattered and keep on mattering in my life.

I think the same thing can be said for books.  We read and read and read, and while every book we read becomes a part of our life, there are some books that change our world for good.  Some books matter.

This year, for the first time ever, I kept track of all of the books I read.  I actually credit blogging with that development. I’ve always been a sporadic diary keeper and despite my best efforts to monitor my reading in the past, I’ve always lost interest and lost count and lost the diary.

This year, though, I stopped being Jillian Denning Sporadic Diary Writer and became Jillian Lorraine.

Also, I read 68 books.

8 of them mattered.

1. A Farewell To Arms: Ernest Hemingway

2. Frances and Bernard: Carlene Bauer

3. High Fidelity: Nick Hornby

4. Les Miserables: Victor Hugo

5. Wonder: R. J. Palacio

6. Norwegian Wood: Haruki Mirakami

7. House of Mirth: Edith Wharton

8. The Lover’s Dictionary: David Levithan

It looks like I’m doing better with books than boys.

(No surprises there.)

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