First Authors Club

12 Nov


Yesterday was the inaugural meeting of the First Authors Club, a super creatively named organization that consists of Hilary, Katie, and of course, me.

I plan on dressing like a leprechaun sometimes for meetings, but not always.

As the First Authors Club, we get together to write our stories and work out the problems in our stories, and to talk about writing stories, because as writers the number one rule is avoid work as long as possible, create a lot of anxiety, and then in a burst of panic, produce as much as we can.

If you know a writer who isn’t like this I would like to meet them, and then I would like to probably not like them very much.

The First Authors Club, while (obviously) tons of fun, was born out of necessity.  You see, the three of us are finishing up our first novels for a big writer’s conference in December and time cannot be wasted.  We need feedback.  We need ears.  We need more garlic fries at the Getty Villa cafe.

One day I will tell you all about these girls of mine.  About Katie, who liked vampires before they were cool, and adores Tennyson whether or not he’s cool.  About Hilary, who is a real-life Phil Dunphy.  About what it’s like to explain my ideas and characters and world to them, and how really all I want is to be able to idea and character and world build full time.

One day I will tell you about all of these things.

Today I will write.


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6 Responses to “First Authors Club”

  1. noisywithin November 12, 2013 at 1:03 am #

    That’s such a great idea, and what a cute group you have there. I wish you all, good luck and send some vibes of inspiration your way!! Would love to see your work in future!

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