These Days, Yo

23 Sep


Yo, I finally got the Breaking Bad bug and now my life’s mission is to catch up and watch the finale with the rest of the world, yo.

Yo, Jesse is a punk and I love him so, yo.

Yo, I’ve really, truly started to talk like this.

Yo, yo, yo.

Yo mama.

Too far.

This semester has been a busy one, in the “first world writer problems” sense of the word. I’m bogged down with school and SheKnows and scripts and stories. I’m stressing over poetry classes and writing conferences and What To Name My Characters.  I spend hours and hours immersed in make believe worlds with make believe problems and make believe triumphs, and whenever I catch myself complaining about being busy, I take a step back and realize that I’m fretting about things I love.

I’m very aware that this next year, these nine months of my life, are a gift. They are a stopgap, an in-between time where I don’t have to worry about the adult things like 401Ks and full-time employment just yet, and I have the freedom to devote my time to Shakespearean adaptations and discussing Rachelle’s latest McDreamy encounter and driving by The Bachelor Mansion on opening filming night.

Holy guacamole on a lime Chipotle chip is is my life charmed right now.

I’m very, very aware, yo.


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2 Responses to “These Days, Yo”

  1. kylee531 September 23, 2013 at 2:35 pm #

    Just so you know, AMC is playing a Breaking Bad Marathon leading up to the finale. It starts with Season 1 on Wednesday night and plays through until the end. It’s a large commitment but a worthwhile one to make. 🙂

    • jillianlorraine September 23, 2013 at 3:38 pm #

      Ooh, thank you! I’m ready for this kind of commitment.

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