Muumuus And Moving And Malibu

4 Sep


I recently bought an article of clothing that can only be described as a muumuu.

Not a dress-turned muumuu.

Not a cover-up worn as a muumuu.

Simply, straight up a muumuu.

I’m in love.

I’ve managed to wear said muumuu every day since I bought it and, unfortunately, this isn’t like wearing a pair of pants every day for a week.  People tend to notice bright-colored muumuus and say things like, “That’s a muumuu, all right”  and “When did you get back from your out-of-the-country vacation?”

If I had any sewing inclination at all, I would take up making muumuus and expand my wardrobe options.  I imagine they are fairly easy to make:

1. Buy large piece of hippy fabric.

2. Cut out holes.

The end.

Oh for the skills to follow two sewing directions.

Next up–moving!

The last couple of weeks I was in a weird in-between place.  And not in the Dr. Seuess, I’m unsure about my life way, because that seems to be an ongoing place of my 20s.  No, this was a literal in-between place where my stuff was in storage, and I lived out of a tiny suitcase and only shopped enough for a few days in advance.

Turns out 24 frozen burritos weren’t necessary for a few days in advance, who knew?

In-between places feel very chaotic.  No matter what I do, no matter how packed (or unpacked) my schedule is, I can’t seem to settle down or get much accomplished because there’s just this vague sense of unrest.

I’m in my new home now, and have exited my literal in-between phase.  Thank heavens.  Also, I bought a muumuu, have I mentioned?

And finally! Malibu!

It’s weird not living in Malibu.  Already I’ve found myself stranded in the Bu wearing only a cover-up and baseball hat and realizing I needed to go out that night.  The thing about LA is you can’t just decide to go back to your place and change.  Not when you’re going from Malibu to Marina Del Rey and back.  That journey will cost you several hours and 1/16th of your soul, and so you tighten your baseball cap and go out in public anyway and decide it looks very celebrity chic to wear sunglasses and a bathing suit in public, when you know it doesn’t.

I’ve decided I’m going to start a travel bag in my car where I pack my muumuu and a pair of sandals, 10% so when situations like these arise I won’t be completely helpless, and 90% so I never have to go anywhere ever again without my precious.

I mean my muumuu.

And with that I leave you with a few of my other favorite M words, because, you know, good writing.

McSteamy.  McDreamy. Mac and Cheese.


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