Librarian At Heart

12 Sep


Yesterday I made good on a promise to Robert’s parents that I would help him pick out new glasses. This is something he apparently dreads, and I don’t know why.  I love picking out glasses!  Let’s pick out glasses all day every day!

One for all and all for glasses!


While assisting Rob, I wore the most librarian-like spectacles I could find and kept sneaking glimpses of myself in the mirror.

“I was born to be a librarian, Rob!” I said, making faces with the glasses.  “I would be the type who always had really messy hair and muumuus and when I finally wore a little makeup people would say, ‘Wow, she’s more attractive than I would have guessed.’”

Rob just nodded and confirmed I was supposed to be a librarian.

Good job, Rob.

Let’s not sob.

About Bob.

And the rhyming ends so I don’t sound like a snob.

Before I chose to do this MFA program, I seriously contemplated getting my Master’s in Library Science.   I looked into programs.  I calculated costs. I had dozens of pro/con lists.

If ever there was anything I was born to do, it was be a librarian.

When I was young I used to actually play “library.” This meant I would sit in a box in my room and read until a family member came upstairs and I could give a book recommendation.  All of my books during this period in my life have stamps in them and handwritten due dates.

Rob suggested I might have to look far and wide to find another individual who did this as a child.

I suggested I should have been a librarian, bringing the conversation back where it wanted to go.

After picking out glasses, we went on a little tour of my new neighborhood and stopped in at the library.  My new library is small and charming and booky and wonderful, as you would imagine.  As soon as we walked in, we saw young children playing in a chess league.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, but seeing this I felt a surge of civic duty and realized I should volunteer to be a chess instructor!

It didn’t matter that I don’t know how to play chess, this seemed like the thing to do to really get involved in the local community, you know?

It didn’t matter that this was a huge aside, it seemed like the thing to do to include this in the blog post, you know?

On our way out, the librarian scanned Rob’s book and I shared a small smile with her. I like to believe she could feel it, that vibe librarians at heart give off to one another.

I also like to believe that even if I didn’t choose that career path, I can still call myself a librarian at heart.

Who loves art.

And rhymes to set herself apart.

Because she’s smart.

OK, no more poetry for at least three posts.

Cross my heart.

PS: For more of my fancy wordplay check out my latest for SheKnows…a doozy of an article where I have described 31, COUNT THEM, 31 Comfort food desserts.

PPS: Let’s make it two posts, shall we?

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