Why Amy Poehler Deserves An Emmy

26 Jul

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Last week the 2013 Emmy nominees were announced, and, yet again, Amy Poehler was nominated for her role as Leslie Knope.

In an ideal world, Amy would be lounging at home staring at her wall of Emmys and wondering if she should pull an Oprah and withdraw herself from the race this year to give one of the other uber-talented nominees a chance.

Unfortunately, we are not in the ideal world, but in some sick alternate reality where Amy’s brilliant turn as Leslie Knope has gone unrewarded by the Emmys. This is a travesty. A coverup. A great conspiracy of the 21st century that should be analyzed again and again by outraged websites, books, and fringe radio shows.

Here are five reasons Amy Poehler deserves an Emmy for her portrayal of Leslie Knope.

In other writing news:

5 Things You should be buying at Target right now: Bags.  My favorite Target article yet, mainly for purse numero tres and my ability to put a David Beckham reference in anything.

Survey says you spend 2,000 hours a year stressed out.  Some seriously stressful statistics and alarmingly absurd alliteration.

With that, it’s back to Cape Cod and the life I was always meant to lead.

Details to come.

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