SheKnows Monday

1 Jul


I know, I know, “SheKnows Saturday” and “SheKnows Sunday” are much catchier titles for a blog post, but, look, I’m not responsible for when my content is released on the site and today has been a big day.

Hashtag sorry I’m not sorry.

(I already regret writing that.)

Here are my latest and greatest articles for SheKnows, all of which have epic sagas behind them:

America’s Smartest Cities. Guys, a Utah city made the top 20.

How to pretend you’ve watched Mad Men aka what happens when a film/television student writes for SheKnows.

Fruit salad sammies

Also, now would be the time for me to lament the death of Google Reader and tell you all that I’m trying out this Bloglovin’ thing. ¬†Follow me here.

Happy Monday to all and to all a good fruit salad sandwich.

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