The Royal Baby, Writing, And David Beckham For Good Measure

23 Jul



Strap on your tiara, pour yourself a cup of tea, and blast “God Save the Queen”—the royal baby is here and I got to write an article about the whole thing for SheKnows!

This article was actually my first assignment at SheKnows and a confirmation that I had finally found my place in the universe.  I also wrote about it on their UK website.

Oh, UK websites and London and the royal family, one day I’ll be back and tackle you the way you were meant to be tackled.  And I’ll live in Notting Hill and become bosom friends with the Beckhams, to boot.

While we are on the topic of writing…

Portable’s Guide to Orange is the New Black

Attention Star Trek fans: Captain Catherine Janeway is a major role in OITNB, but you might not recognize her because she has morphed into Sharon Osbourne.  I kid you not.

I also do not kid when I say I watched Star Trek in the late 90s.  Another story for another time.

That’s all folks. I am heading to Cape Cod tonight and couldn’t be more thrilled. Lifelong dreams and small towns and carousels and whatnot.

What are the odds I see a Kennedy?

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