June and July Books

9 Jul



You crazy, devoted blog fans out there are surely distressed that I didn’t write a June book club post.

Perhaps the thought has kept you up at night, tossing and turning and sobbing. Maybe you’ve even wondered if I gave up reading altogether and have been praying for me and my literacy.

Never fear, oh dearest blog readers.

June was a month of reading. Was it ever a month of reading.

I reread The Hunger Games series in 24 hours, barely pausing to sleep.

I read all of the Harry Potter books (again) and mourned the end of the 7th book like I’d just experienced a death in the family (again).

Marry me Fred Weasley!

I lost myself in mounds of chick lit. Chick lit not just of the Madeleine Wickham genius-level variety, but good, old-fashioned, girl-meets-boy chick lit. And I asked for more. And more and more.

I have World War Z in my hands right now.

June was a MONTH, guys. A month I hope to look back on one day, when some of these things have worked themselves out, and go, “Well that was a particularly hard time. I’m certainly glad I’m over that, aren’t you, Prince Harry? Also, pass the crumpets.”

You know the type of months I speak of.

When I have months like this I tend to go to my comfort food, my mac and cheese of the literature world.

I’m happy to say that for the month of July I’m tackling Don Quixote, a book on my reading bucket list. A book I’ve likely lied and told you I’ve read, and I won’t apologize for that because I’ve been planning on reading it forever and ever and that’s basically the same thing.

Good riddance, June. No one misses you.

PS: My latest from SheKnows: 5 Things You Should Be Buying at Target Right Now: Shoes. Any guesses which two pairs of shoes from this article I actually own? This writing about Target thing is proving difficult for my bank account…

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8 Responses to “June and July Books”

  1. Linnea July 10, 2013 at 7:42 am #

    To be completely honest, I actually wondered when you were going to post a book post again. Does that make me a dweeb? 🙂

    I like Madeleine Wickham – curious to know what chick lit you read now! Sometimes you need a little. I understand Sophie Kinsella has a new one out, will have to pick it up eventually and will only be a little ashamed of it. 😀

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