Hipster’s Paradise

17 Jul


Oh my, oh my, oh my.

Last night Chuckjuice and J.Lo went out on the town, and I mean that in a very literal sense.

We went to The Duce, which I can definitively say is the most hipster restaurant in America bar none, closed for debate, signed sealed, delivered you’re hipster.

At The Duce you can’t give your normal name when ordering, no, you have to give a cutesty nickname.

Enter Chuckjuice and J. Lo.

A half hour into our journey, “J. Lo from the block!” was announced, barely audible over the loud, vinyl music.  I strode through the converted warehouse to the food truck, gathered my cheeseburger sliders and returned to my communal seat.

I am making none of this up.

I promise.

There was a thrift store in the back.  And hula hoops.  And swing dancing.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I took a few hurried pictures of the night, very self conscious that the tattoo-sleeved, mohawked patrons were all watching my picture taking like, “We just live in the moment, you know?  We don’t even use technology.  What is this iPhone you speak of?”

At one point, our bespectacled waitress came up and said, “J. Lo, I think you picked up the wrong food.”

I turned, “J. Lo’s here?!  Where’s J. Lo?”  And then I remembered.  I was living in a hipster’s paradise and now, finally, finally! people were calling me by chosen name J. Lo.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped for.

Also I was standing on a bench taking pictures of mac and cheese muffins when this happened so…

And now, for the filtered photographs part of the evening.  Because this restaurant is basically a cross between a children’s museum, amusement park, and circus and if you don’t take ridiculous pictures, well then, you’re missing out on life.


Please note the boxing ring.


Please note everything.


I’m ever-so glad it was Chuckjuice, the least hipster man on earth, experiencing it all with me.


They serve brunch all day, obviously.


And that brings us to the very hipster end.

Great night and even greater mac and cheese muffins.

J. Lo out.

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One Response to “Hipster’s Paradise”

  1. Stephanie November 1, 2014 at 6:34 am #

    Mac and cheese muffins…that sounds perfect. Interestingly, I live in the Tokyo area and I swear Tokyo is the hipster capital of the world. These pictures look exactly like all the unique Tokyo cafes and restaurants around the city that I’ve fallen in love with! I think that confirms it. But the nickname thing is probably quite a bit different!

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