Happiness And Unhappiness

3 Jul


The other day I realized I was happy.

I had to pause what I was doing and think it over,  “Wait, today I’m happy.  Is that right?

It’s a funny thing, happiness.  Sneaky little devil, really.

Happiness creeps up on me when I’m not looking, distracted with other things.  It arrives quietly, and takes a seat in the corner of my mind, just out of view.  Sometimes I don’t even notice it’s there at all until it’s disappeared again.

Happiness is too often in retrospect.

Unhappiness, however, arrives with a bang, a loud proclamation, a PAY ATTENTION TO ME RIGHT NOW, JILL in neon letters across the sky. Unhappiness demands all of my energy and presses upon me that this is urgent, this cannot be ignored.

Unhappiness is easy to be consumed in.

Happiness, on the other hand, is simply easy.

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