Four Things You May Not Know About Pittsburgh

6 Jul

noname DSC_0936DSC_0966

1. McDonald’s does NOT do the $1 any size drink deal in the Steel City.  (I KNOW.)

2. In order to pull off an Emma Watson/Perks of Being a Wallflower/David Bowie “Heroes” reenactment in the Fort Pitt tunnel you need three people.  One to take the picture.  One to drive.  One to pose.  Unfortunately, I am still looking for a driver. And a picture taker.

3. Primanti Brothers serves fries on their sandwiches, thus setting a new sandwich standard henceforth, forevermore and straight on til morning.

4. My hair loves the humidity, and not in an ironic, I-must-shave-it-off way, but rather in an it’s-a-Christmas-miracle way.

God bless us, everyone.

Also Pride, Passion, Pittsburgh Pirates.  Because that’s a thing.

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