On Painting

17 Jun


I’ve always wanted to paint.

It’s the really romantic side of me coming out, the side that relates to Taylor Swift when she says that she might just grow up and paint in a cottage by the ocean by herself.  In my future I always paint and I often live by the sea.

My sea house is clean with white billowy curtains and crisp sheets and books scattered about, halfway finished.  It’s the type of house where you might open a drawer and come across a chipped teacup, and no matter how hard you look you will never,ever find a matching saucer. And wildflowers, there will be wildflowers in every room, just because.

I have a thing with dishes.  I don’t think they should match.  I want to fill my life with loads of random dishes, the more outrageous the better.

Dishes and shoes and books.  That’s all I’ll ever need.

Oh, and paint, for my cottage by the sea.

And outrageous daydreams, those too.

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