Happy Anniversary

13 Jun


Today my blog turns six months old.  It’s our six-month anniversary, if you will.

I realize that by even writing this post I’ve become the needy individual I always feared I had in me, the one who requires public, monthly anniversary celebrations.

Next I’ll be demanding weekly acknowledgements of our relationship complete with poetry and “remember when” scrapbooks.  Before I know it, I’ll be so mushy and clingy this blog will grow sick of me and I’ll be yelling after it, “Wait! I can change!”

And so it goes.

When this blog was only an idea, simply a, “maybe-I-should-do-that-but-I’m-mainly-too-scared-to-even-admit-it” thought, Rob and I made a deal.  If I started this blog he would do stand-up.

Six months and 133 posts later, this blog has taken the internet by storm, garnered me four movie deals, and introduced me to Tina Fey.*

Rob still hasn’t done stand-up.

This is a bit of a theme in our friendship.

When our dating lives hit a dismal point, Rob and I decided to take action.  Rob agreed to join an online dating service if I… pursued a tenuous-at-best crush.

Let the record show I followed through on my end of the deal, and no matter how hard you search, you will not be finding any photos of Robert on a matchmaking site.

I should probably stop making these deals with him.

Then again, if it weren’t for one of those deals, there would be no blog.  And if there were no blog, there would be no deep and abiding friendship with Tina Fey.  And without that deep and abiding friendship, well, I simply don’t know where my life would be.

Happy anniversary, dearest blog.

See you next week for our six-month-and-one-week anniversary.  I’m expecting jewelry of the gold variety.

But you knew that.

*Not all of this information can be verified.

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  1. Nakita June 13, 2013 at 3:45 pm #

    Celebrate your blog!! I got my sweater from a store in Vegas called Lola. It’s BCBG generation store so you could maybe find it online.

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