The Best Ever TV Theme Songs

17 May

Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams and James Van Der Beek

A TV show’s theme song is a make or break thing. With the right song choice, it becomes iconic, is unable to be separated from the series itself, and brings warm fuzzy memories of our favorite characters rushing back to us with just the opening notes. With the wrong song choice we’re stuck with three long seasons of Hilary Duff (I’m talking to you, Laguna Beach).

Unfortunately the trend seems to be moving away from choosing big, bold songs to open a show in favor of a couple of musical notes, or no theme song at all (gasp!). This is a shame, because what would Friends be without The Rembrandts? Would I even recognize Cheers minus Gary Portnoy?

Before I give away any more of my choices, here is my very biased list of the best TV theme songs of all time…

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Note: These are theme songs containing lyrics because, I mean, I had to narrow it down somehow.

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