22 May


When I was just a young girl, my mother used to say that the quickest way to find the most expensive item in any store was to let me loose with the instruction, “Pick out the thing you like the most.”

I’ve always had expensive tastes.

No one knows where this comes from.

I once proposed Martha’s Vineyard as my family’s next vacation destination and was met with a round of blank stares and an, “All right, does anyone other than Jill have a suggestion?”

Double sigh.

This summer I am working in Scottsdale, Arizona and feel quite at home amongst the palm trees and Range Rovers. When I told my mother where I would be interning she just smiled and said, “London, Malibu, Scottsdale…it makes sense.”

It appears the quickest way to locate the most expensive cities in the world is to let me loose with the instruction, “Pick out the place you want to live/work the most.”

I guess some things never change.

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