On Screen Hairstyles That Have Made Me Want To Cut My Hair (Excluding The Rachel)

2 May


Every single bad haircut in my life has started out the same way. “Um, yes. I would like you to make my hair look like this.” My hairdresser looks at the picture of a celebrity I am showing him. He looks back at my hair. I insist, “It will be great. It will revolutionize my life.”

And then it takes years to recover.

We’re all susceptible to the perfect on-screen hairstyle. It’s why half the world walked around with “The Rachel” for so long. We think we can do the impossible and pull off a hairstyle clearly not suited for us (or maybe anyone) just because we think it looks so great on screen. After a bad bout with red hair last year I’ve vowed not to base my hairstyle changes on the latest and greatest on-screen hair. Here are some on-screen hairstyles that make me want to break that promise and drastically alter my hair…

If you’re interested in all of my bad hair decisions in one place, read the rest of my article for Portable here.  I even found a way to mention the royal family.

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