Kindred Souls

14 Apr


My lovely friend Elisa had a layover in LA yesterday and I got to spend a few hours with her.  It was a day full of giggling and screaming and talking so fast you have to slow down to catch your breath.  I love those days.

When Elisa saw me she said, “Look at you!”  I told her I was regretting my outfit since it was so cold outside and she just laughed, “Jill, a sexy choice is never the wrong choice.”

This is why I love her.

We spent the day eating our way through Newport and reminiscing about our friendship.  Elisa and I became instant friends in London.  Instant like, oh-my-gosh-I’ve-just-met-a-kindred-soul instant.  Instant like, you-are-one-of-two-people-who-understand-me-and-I-don’t-even-know-who-the-other-person-is instant.

Last year we found ourselves back in Utah trying to figure our lives out, yet again. Elisa had applied to an MBA program in Scotland and I had applied to my writing program in Malibu.  We were scared.  Excited.  Wondering if we would regret these drastic changes.  Wondering if we had a problem allowing ourselves to be happy.

A year later, over breakfast bagels, brunch cupcakes, and a luxurious Mexican food lunch we decided no, we don’t have a problem.  We are happy.  Those decisions were good for us.

Thank everything for friends like Elisa.

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